Doe a Deer, a Female Deer…

We are supposed to have deer in the country but I hardly ever see one.

With all the construction going on a-round-abouts I won’t be surprised if we aren’t graced with more sightings.

I hear coyote at night, they sound so close, as if they’re running across our front lawn, but I’ve never seen them in a pack.  Probably a good thing too when they are caught up in the thrall of the hunt.

Hubs was on the phone one afternoon when he abruptly ceased his talking and said to me in a loud stage whisper,

“Look, out in the back forty…a deer!”

So I crept out of the back door and managed a few practice shots…


…with my iPhone.

She looked right at me, her ears fanned to pick up the slightest sound,


then she was off!


A natural interlude in my day.


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2019-05-22 14:41:41 Reply

Sleek and beautiful – just like you!

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