I must dream at night because some mornings I wake up exhausted and puzzled.

This particular morning I had been dreaming about reading aloud.

Teacher-Daughter had asked me, the evening before, if I would like to read to her children again during Spring Break and I had agreed.  At bedtime tomes were on my mind.

Included in the dream were:

Snatches of the house in Florida where we had lived for four months last summer.

Two full bookcases of mine that I had transported with me to Turtle Creek.

(How?  I had no idea, neither would have fit in the car had we driven…which we hadn’t…we’d flown.

Taking two bookcases on the flight as hand luggage defied reality, but it was a dream!)


Several people I knew in the stilt house.

A ten year old girl, sister to Daughts’ boyfriend.

Some of the children I had met at the Early Learning Centre where Perripoppins works.


And a few close friends.

They had all been assigned a novel to read, I never caught the title,

and were looking expectantly at me,

“Will you read this out loud to us, please?” they asked.

I had to read it too so opened the book up and in my rapid eye movement state soon fell comfortably into my broadcasting voice and awoke with a start,

and a question,

“Why did I need to take my bookcases, filled with all my volumes simply because the one was among the hundreds?”

In my dream it did not seem extraordinary to tote my library for the sake of a single paperback when just popping it into my hand bag would have been enough!

My dream taught me a life lesson.

How many times do I take along the kitchen sink,


when a gentle listening ear will suffice?

How many times do I lug the baggage when sitting in silence will do?

How many times do I take everything under the sun when a hug works miracles?

How many times do I take,


for the sake of a prayer?

I have a lot of lightening up to do.

I have many decisions to make about essentials.

I believe my word for 2015 is going to be Discard.






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