Early Birthday Gift…

We heard three sharp beeps as a car drew up outside our garage.

I was writing as usual and just heard a knock on the kitchen door and shouted,

“Come in…” thinking it was our Barn Mates over for a quick shop at McKroger.

I heard her voice and thought,

“That doesn’t really sound like Daughts…but maybe she’s shouting…” and she was.

“Where’s Mum?”

“I’m in here!”

It was Periwinkles!  I stopped what I was doing and turned my full attention on her.

“What brings you 80 miles N.?”  I asked.

“Come and see!”

I went into the kitchen half expecting a puppy, one of the Labradoodle ones I loved of hers…no puppy in sight…I breathed a sigh of relief…how I’d get it past Hubs was beyond me!!

She handed me a box and I immediately saw it was an iPhone.

“For me?”  I said unwittingly!  Perhaps it was just something else sneakily packed in an iPhone box…

“Open it…” she said panting with excitement.

Sure enough she had bought me a brand new iPhone 5SE…

Not just any old iPhone 5SE…

A highly sought after, rose/gold model,


Isn’t it beautiful?

I could now take selfies…my old one had given up the ghost in regards to reversing the camera and selfie taking was next to impossible without the ability to use the back camera to snap and chat, or Face Time, or even Skype with.

I loved it but without a case it was slick in my hands and I knew, given a few minutes, I would fumble and drop it on our relentless kitchen floor with its terra cotta tile.

Before I took it fully out of its box we went otter box shopping and I found one in my new favorite color of the decade, teal.


Now I don’t have to worry about smashing the screen or jolting the internal workings.

The only problem is that its color is completely hidden except for the tiny porthole that allows the rosy gold to blush behind the apple logo on the back.

But I love my early birthday present…

“I know it’s still November but I had the money and I just couldn’t wait!” she said hugging me and saying goodbye.

Thanks PerriPoppins, you really do work magic!

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Mo Coulter

2019-11-25 00:15:41 Reply

Have been enjoying your Boomerang columns for over a year now. A source of inspiration and a warm connection.
You knew me as Maureen Attwood. We shared many happy years of friendship at a cold, old, odd boarding school.
I recently celebrated (!) my 66th birthday – with some puzzlement, as I don’t feel a day over 30, despite 3 Grandsons. Would love to hear from you, and share. X


    2019-11-25 19:28:46 Reply

    Yes, I remember those school days, hard to forget when they shaped the rest of my life!

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