One Frosty Morn…

Yesterday morning the ground was covered with a generous layer of frost that had everything twinkling like fairy lights in the early morning sun.

My land looked beautiful.


As Hubs and I were leaving for mass I had to stop at the second gate because…

…the frozen dew had left a light dusting on the broom making it stand out against the red pole fence.

It looked for all the world as if some celestial creature had arranged it; an ornamental addition to the landscape.


And to complete my joy, through my misty breath I saw these hitherto nondescript remains of wildflowers coated in white, flawless in their brilliance.


They reminded me that Jesus promises He will cover our transgressions with His Glory when the time comes for judgement and His Father will only see us adorned in His radiance,

Not a sin in sight,

Made perfect by His son’s sacrifice for all of us.

What a blessing to be reminded by nature that I am saved.


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