Easter Sunday and Before…

About two months ago it was announced at church that we had a new rector.

After only four months this was amazingly good news and to make it even better he was someone we knew.

Hubs and I burst out laughing and after the service the head of the search committee said,

“I noticed there was some connection, are you happy with our choice?”

“Of course, we are thrilled, Perry and our children grew up at the altar together at Holy Nativity, they acolyted, joined EYC and Happened together…”

What a small world!

“How old is he now?” we asked.

“I don’t know, he’s young but he was the most qualified of all our candidates…”

I did a quick mental recky and said, “He’s twenty-eight, between Paris’ and Simon’s ages…”

And he is!

Fr. Perry Mullins and his wife Sarah and their 10 month son Lucas, joined us on April 3rd and hit the ground running.

He preached at the two Palm Sunday services and partook in the parish wide picnic afterwards.

Holy Week featured Tenebrae on Tuesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil, also known as the Triduum.

Completing the exhausting week with three fabulous Easter Sunday services.


A brilliant way to get to know and appreciate our new priest!

We invited him to our annual Easter party but he already had plans so we went ahead anyway.  He promised,

“If it’s an annual affair we’ll make plans to attend next year.”

I always love my house just before a party, everything is clean and tidy, the cat hair is under control and flowers are everywhere,

I am especially thrilled with my entryway adjacent to the kitchen door.  We finally got it just right after lots of false starts.


Mud room, entryway into the kitchen

The coat hanger on the far right is a metal piece of art work made by my talented son Simon,

The shelf above is reclaimed chicken house wood and holds wellies and shoes sitting well out of reach of our visiting labrador who loves to steal and chew boots.

The bench is also re-claimed wood from a 40 year old picnic table that we put on two posts and green-washed.

With its knife and axe nicks it oozes personality along with the grappling iron, half yoke and antique tool hanging above the mirror giving guests a foretaste of what lies beyond in the McNeny abode…

My living room looked stunning with its vivid green pillows which I’d dyed myself and kept under wraps to keep the cat hair away.


Out in the Catio  I’d banished the felines to our bedroom for the day with plenty of food and water and a couple of litter boxes.  It belonged to the humans for a few hours and with the pastoral view it was a perfect place to relax and eat.


The mantle held potted plants which I will transfer to a flower bed soon.

I lost two basil plants a couple of weeks ago so I am cautious about trusting my purslane and hostia to the ground until they are larger and maybe the grubs that nibbled my basil leaves to stalks have grown up and flown off.


And then of course easter wouldn’t be Easter without my Italian Wedding Cake,


which graced the table Hubs made for me.

I also made a caramel and chocolate mousse trifle with brownies and rolos scattered throughout,

Dessert2absolutely fine!

A very attractive nothing bundt carrot cake also joined forces with my two confections and didn’t last long once the go ahead was given  when everyone had eaten their veggies and ham.

EasterTableThere were sausage rolls and welsh rarebit, smokies and barbecue, deviled eggs and salads, veggies and pickles, ham and cheese…a veritable feast!

And cocktails rustled up by my son that perfectly complemented the champagnes and wine we had on hand.

We loved having all our children, except for our eldest who lives in California, with us.

All the outlaws were here too and we managed to get a photo out on the back forty…









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