Elevensies With Pigwidgeon and Others…

Life at my son’s house is anything but ordinary!

We are busy visiting Simon and Lindsey as they begin a new phase in their married life only that story will have to wait for the right moment to be told.  For now I content myself with a cuppa with my favorite bird of prey, Pigwidgeon and his bevy of hens.

Sipping my tea while an eastern screech owl has his mid morning rodent snack could be off putting if I wasn’t acquainted with said raptor.


He inspires me to close my eyes and thoroughly savor the dunked piece of biscuit I am enjoying at his table.

I can’t quite summon up the expression though of ecstasy that young Pigwidgeon displays with his morsel of mouse.


Mmmm Meeces Pieces!

The chickens watch from the porch, huddled against the kitchen door to be close to their human parents and feathered acquaintance…


Lindsey, my son’s lovely wife, reaches into a tub of delicacies and tosses out a handful.


Mealworms sold by the 10,000.

Visit this extraordinary couple at Window to the Wild! 


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