Enchanted, Delighted and Dazzled…

I love substituting at McKinney Christian Academy and calling it home every so often.

My three favorite places on campus to work are:

The Administrative Desk for the Upper School Principal’s assistant…all that meeting and greeting of parents and recruiters, students and teachers while I sit at my desk brings out the schmoozer in me!

I am enchanted by the culture of kindness and grace I’m at the receiving end of every now and again.


The Upper School Classes… especially English Lit and Social Studies and preferably 11th and 12th graders.  Those older teenagers, the ones I was so intimidated by most of my life, are simply splendid now I’ve hit the age where I no longer feel a need to compete with their dewy complexions, fashion sense and developing wit.

Despite the constant drama and angst during passing period (the school is mixed) they are fascinating to engage in conversation on topics ranging from video games and programming, to lengthy calculus solutions scribbled on a white board to prove an aeronautical point or reciting their competition pieces to me for critique without a shred of self-consciousness.

I am delighted by the world’s future movers & shakers I rub shoulders with every now and then.


Directed Studies… my most favorite place to work, where I meet students with learning challenges ranging from dyslexia to ESL.  They come for help with their English and math classes and to have exams read to them or to work quietly during study hall in a less crowded environment.

The classes are small, similar to homeschooling, and the students are brilliant in their own distinct ways.  Some are literate in Chinese, others can memorize pages of lines for their theatre classes, while others are exquisite artists or whizzes on information technology.

I am dazzled by the talents of the students I get to call mine every once in a while.


My hope for you is that you’re enchanted, delighted and dazzled by the people you gather to yourself today and every day!

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