Fall…In Texas?


A favorite time of year-

-if we are blessed with one!

Texas typically rushes headlong into winter giving a cursory nod to Autumn with only a few balmy days if we’re lucky.

Memories of kicking through drifts of leaves on the way to school,

Smelling the smoke on the streets from morning hearthfires,

Hearing the crows and blackbirds cawing and shrilling above the high-street traffic claiming territories or digging for worms before the ground gets too hard to forage,

Filling my pockets with the fruit of a horse chestnut tree until they bulge begging to be strung with a small length of string in readiness for a conker war,

Roasting nuts giving off their aroma, tickling our taste buds into stopping and buying a handful from the vegetable monger,

By afternoon the frosty bite of dawn melts into a warm, sunny day where newly bared trees throw shadows across the roads and grass verges.

These are my recollections from childhood Autumns spent in the city of London;


There were moments when I wished for longer socks to protect my cold legs and pulled  my school blazer more tightly across my jumper, but the promise of a walk later or a picnic beside a pond, too cold to paddle in, made the gradual passage from Summer to Autumn quite a delight.

Glorious days awake with blue skies, bracing air tasting fresh, brisk breezes teasing away the stale smells of  clammy summer pavements replacing them with a heady freshness.

This is the work of the third season, to gently shift from summer to winter, to gradually get us used to the steady drop in temperature,

To show off the work of the Creator and remind me to whom I belong.


This past weekend a Texas version of Autumn, Fall, came to play on my property…

the day was mild enough for outdoor weddings and strappy shoes,

dry enough for blushing cheeks,

windy enough for the trees to sing their rustling song,

and the sky was big enough to kiss my swaying fields of late grasses,

and blue enough to act as a backdrop for a little red plane,


gently put-put-puttering across the jet stream,


celebrating the cursory nod to Fall


with a perfect aerial somersault.

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You put it so well!

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