Farmers at Work…

Hubs and I have tractor envy.

The farmers around us have the latest air-conditioned models that they ride on roads and between fields and sometimes home to their barns.

But for the most part, like children they leave their toys out when they’re called in for supper.


Because of the rain this year the mowing couldn’t start until June; then the good ole boys were in a rush to get it cut before the heavens opened again so they doubled up to get the job done quicker…

and by the next morning they’d tidied the cut grasses into bales,


and moved on to the next job…

…in the field at the top of the lane.

Here they must have had a bit of fun describing concentric circles with their mower blades, maybe going opposite ways to ease the tedium,

or racing each other at the speed of hare…


before fluffing the piles into a more pronounced pattern,


curves of evenly spaced, continual hay mounds,

all ready for rolling and wrapping and placing in neat rows along the field edges for later.

Or just for show.

Most of the farmers in my immediate vicinity are very particular about their verges and overhanging trees, keeping the lanes beautiful and the neighbors happy…enjoying their green and yellow beasts in short bursts and fine weather.

But when it comes to mowing hundreds of acres of grass I think I too would have to make patterns to ease the monotony of driving my John Deere at a walking pace.

Either that or risk being shaken off my perch when I began to nod off.

Chance would be a fine thing!

As I said at the beginning,

Hubs and I have tractor envy!


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