First Order of Business…

Malia and Sam had already purchased their marriage license after looking at alternative ways to pledge themselves to one another.


“So you’re JP’ing it,” Sam’s father said!

It would seem that they were and that was perfectly all right with Hubs and me.

“We’ll invite close family that live in the area for cake and champagne afterwards at our house, potluck maybe…what do you think?”

We shrugged non-commitedly, it was early, we still had 19 or so days to go!

“We’ll have a big party in the Footlight’s barn next year in the fall and invite everyone!” they said excitedly.

We suggested that although they may just be going to the registry office to be united they may want to have some pre-marital counseling before taking this big step that would change their lives FOREVER!

They agreed and came to church with us the next day to ask Fr. Michael if he would take them through a few sessions.

He not only agreed he said,

“I’ll marry you too.”

They looked at each other.  The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry!

“That would be wonderful!” Malia said, “only we want to get wed on my parents’ property.”

“No problem.  When?”

“In three weeks.”

“Have either of you been married before?”  Michael asked.  They shook their heads and laughed.

“Then I should be able to get permission from the Bishop to perform the ceremony at short notice.”

The wheels to unite them in Holy Matrimony had been set in motion.

They set the date for their first counseling session and left on a cloud of happiness.

Their impromptu engagement party hosted by Sam-the-fiancee’s parents was planned for later that day,


and the checking off of things to-do had started!

The following Wednesday morning the two of them walked over to our house starry eyed and told us they had changed the wedding date!

We gagged on our early morning tea and looked at each other.  We’d already bought Ian’s ticket from L.A.

“We decided that Friday night may not be convenient for everyone and a bit of a rush with Ian coming in,” we smiled, “so thought Saturday morning would be more British and probably cooler.”

“Good idea, then we can have breakfast,”  I said relieved that the pressure of an evening meal had been lifted.

“Pray that Fr. Michael can do that day.”

“OK,” we said in unison as they floated off for their appointment.


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