Flowers from my Bud 2…

The lovely flowers I received from my Bud Rooster for my birthday are still going strong after more than 3 weeks!


‘How did they stay so fresh?’ you may ask…and before you laugh and say, ‘it’s because you keep your house so cold…’ it’s not!

I have three very curious cats who get into everything without permission.

In fact they recently broke the heavy, blue vase of my mother’s that would lend a blue glow to my pine  coffee table in the morning sunshine and hold bunches of yellow daffodils around this time of year.


Alas, no more.

Consequently I usually don’t keep flowers or plants inside my house begging to be tampered with.

I arranged my birthday bouquet in two vases and placed them on my back patio where they were safe from prying paws and could still be enjoyed from the living room.

It was very cold out there though…

and when I brought them into the house, briefly, for Twinkle-Toes’ visit last week-end, I was amazed at their still flawless appearance.


So much so I sent a photo and a text to the owner of my handsome Best Bud,

‘Rooster’s flowers still going strong after more than 3 weeks.’


‘Wow!’ she replied, ‘only the best for a dear friend.’

That afternoon as Paris and I walked I introduced her to my dear friend,


They bonded instantly!

He loves giving out free kisses.

Some Bud!

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