Fresh Air…

I am blessed that the walks I take around the place where I am staying are beautiful.

Filled with tall stands of pines,


that draw my eyes heavenward and remind me of my creator.  The wind rustles the tops and delivers an eerie moan to me, loud above the distant thunder of traffic.

The air feels rinsed clean by these giants.

I walk each day to get away from my desk.

I stride out in most weathers only the pouring rain will keep me inside.  I hesitate to walk around a Lake community with an umbrella.

Here folk get in their cars to check their mailbox at the end of their drives;  I am already an oddity for walking without a dog, I would really be thought eccentric for deliberately venturing out in the rain, with an umbrella over my head proving that I hadn’t been caught in the downpour.  I do wear a hat in the drizzle and remove my glasses.

When we went into town the other week we seemed to be early for everything so I requested to be let out for a walk in a park we came across one day.

It wasn’t beautiful by any stretch of the imagination but the sky was blue and the sun was out and the wind was blowing rather strongly promising a good head clearing.  It chased the dirt unhindered across the running track in the distance.

The pylons, rising high above the fields, were a poor replacement for the piney stands of East Texas.

These giants did nothing to freshen the air,


I did find a patch of green in the dirt,


and noticed again how blue the sky was.

And the air gusted its cold breath at me.

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