Happy Birthday Winks…

Hey Winks, it’s that day again!

Many Happy Returns!


Birth Announcement An Event especially created for you!

I’ve just finished reading all the blogs I’ve written for your birthday since 2011!

This will be your ninth!

You were 22 when I first started,



and now you’re 31 TODAY!!

And this year, instead of me being out of State or country, you are!

Wait a minute, you were out of State last year but my blog was more about me than you because you turned 30 and I was looking back to how life was for me…


three decades ago.



In all of them I’ve written how difficult it is for me to celebrate your birthday from afar…

As a mother who held onto you until the bitter end, when only a knife could set you free, I feel the separation on this our special day,


Because I can’t hug you and spoil you all day long!

The pandemic is adding insult to injury-even if we were together I’d be breaking the rules when I reached out to pull you to me.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a rule breaker (haha), so I’d hold you close for a moment or ten anyway!

IF you were here.

But not this year.


Favourite Colour just for you

Let’s begin the way I always do.

Thirty-one years ago I was so excited to be having a baby girl at last!

I wore a pin that spelled out PARIS because we had already decided, when we fell in love in that magical city in France, that we were going to name our first daughter,


Our future was sealed.

I gained twenty-two pounds and your father was on a world tour with the Bee-Gees and he came home five days before you were born and stayed five days after.

There were fireworks commemorating your birth and Bastille Day just happened to fall on July 14th that year!

It does every year?

Well, Happy Bastille Day too then!

You weighed twenty pounds so I only had to lose 2 lbs…haha!


So Adorably Perfect

Just looking at that picture makes me smile…you were (still are) adorable weren’t you?


following the lead of your favourite t-shirts,


Yes you are!

let’s spend this time counting your Blessings!

Of course you were truly blessed to be born a McNeny though you didn’t know it at the time.

Gradually, in the space of a few weeks of care and attention, you came to realise how special it was to grow up as Ian and Simon’s sister, hugged and cuddled by a capable four year old (who desperately wanted his very own Sweet-Pea) and an adoring 16 month-er (who thought you were beautiful and wanted to marry you when he grew up).


Your two knights in shining armour…kind of!

Absolutely blessed to have me as your Mum…to share my middle name…chosen for me by my Mum…given to you by your Mum.

Blessed with my brown eyes and English-rose-beauty,

my glasses-wearing-smile,

and possibly,

my white hair one day!

Oh boy!


Who’s who?

Blessed, like me, to use moving furniture around as a stress reliever and to enjoy cleaning really dirty things…

Blessed to keep lists…of all kinds of things,

Blessed to serve the Lord,

Blessed to have my listening heart,

Blessed with a great memory and to inherit the title-Great Finder-which you bestowed on me when you were young-er.

Our Motto:  If we can’t find it then it’s been thrown away!

Blessed to be half English and to know the secret of dunking digestive biscuits (behind Granny’s back!) in a hot cup of Earl Grey tea,

And the deliciousness of marmite with cream cheese or peanut butter on a bagel, toast or ritz.

Blessed to share my sweet tooth for all things chocolate…it gives me a head-a-cake which I tolerate…does it give you one too?


Harley tried it first…no head-aches for him

Blessed to have a dog in your life as you always did growing up…and I always did growing up…

Blessed with my thoughtfulness and your empathy…

Blessed, from my example, with a real sense of self, knowing who you are and what you want,

Speaking up for those who can’t.

Most of all you’re blessed to be a daughter of the King and bloom under His loving care.


Blooming Zinnia in my garden

Blessed too to be my first daughter…


Winks for short.

Know, each time you wear a Blessed Girl shirt (or think of me), that you are

Well loved,

Dearly missed

And Achingly Beautiful.


Fun loving

I love, love, love you my Blessed Girl.

Happy, happy B’day! (that’s Birth & Bastille)

May your 31st year be grace-filled and delightful, wrapped in the arms of God.

Your one and only,

Mumsienne Forever xxx


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2020-07-14 19:56:47 Reply

I second all the above. What a beautiful tribute to go with our beautiful daughter on her special day! Happy Birthday Paris!

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