Happy Father’s Day…

Daughts was off to work yesterday.  Being a barista can be compared to a mechanic who is charged to,

“Help a motorist on his way.”

Her talent, when dealing with early morning customers any day of the week, is to,

“Help a coffee drinker start her day!”

The Victoria line was closed so the evening before she had scoped out the diversion for her journey and was prepared to go to Blackfriars, that lovely station spanning the river I talked about on my show.

She set off leaving plenty of time for further delays and unexpected terminations and called me from the station car park all awash with breaking news!

“You should have walked down the road with me Mum, it’s all happening here, forget the TV!”


“There were buses when I arrived,” which isn’t unusual when a line is closed, there are four other stations around and passengers can catch a free lift to link with the route of their choice.

“One had loads of policemen in it and they looked as though they were questioning an old man. I was standing trying to figure out the deal when,”

she is a brazen creeper,

“I saw two old men, well, not old, but not young either,”

she has become more sensitive to age since living alone with her mature parentals,

“stagger past me heading for the tram.  They were evidently drunk out of their minds.  They could hardly walk and were hanging on to each other…well, they’ve both just fallen over, hang on a minute,” and she hung up.

When she called back she picked up her thread,

“I thought, ‘are you serious, it’s only 1245 on a Sunday afternoon, you can’t be that drunk already?”

To which I answered, even though the question wasn’t directed at me,

“They were probably heading home after an all nighter…”

“You’re right,”

I love it when she says that!

“I took a picture Mum, I’ve sent it to you.  They can’t get up, it looks as though they’re Bette dancing.”


“Now they’ve put the old man in the back of a police car, does that mean they’ve arrested him?”

“Usually when a policeman escorts you to a police car and helps you in the back, it usually means you’re arrested, yes…”  my timbre caused Hubs to glance up from his paper, horrified…

“Quiet Mum, you’ll scare Dad!  I have no idea why they’ve arrested him, he was a grandfather.”

The sad thing is this happens on a daily basis here, she is witness to the other side of life during her daily travels in and out of town.  The fact that it was Sunday doesn’t make any difference.


Happy Father’s Day!

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