A harbour is a shelter for boats and ships to anchor,

for safe-keeping,


Guernsey Marina

or for when there’s a storm.

God is my shelter during the pandemic;

In these tempestuous times…

“…(He is) our harbor and our strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1

Let’s remember this and perhaps we can take some comfort from our enforced social-distancing and quarantining.

Let’s offer thanks for all those companies who have enabled their employees to work from home.


Those companies, too, who have modified schedules to help those who are new to office-ing from their kitchens while home-schooling their children.

Those companies who are taking government loans to keep pay-checks and benefits available for as long as possible for those who are unable to work from home.

Those companies who are hiring those who have become unemployed.

Teachers who have brought school into our living rooms, virtually.

Those who are working in essential businesses to keep the country, the nation, the world, running at full or half or quarter mast.


Grocery stores for sanitizing baskets, insisting on masks, keeping up with occupancy-limits and items on the shelves by carefully rationing; who have expanded their on-line ordering presence, curb-side pick-up and delivery options.

Thanks also to those who are pastoring us through the angst, the fear, the depression, the anger, the loneliness that harboring-at-home is bringing to our door-steps.

And of course, a heartfelt thanks to all those who put their health on the line, daily, to keep us healthy and safe, who witness the un-imaginable, cry with the suffering and have their hearts broken again and again.


Beside these courageous folks I feel rather ineffectual.

I wake up in the morning and think,

“Where do I need to be today?”

Our state order to shelter-at-home means, “no-where” is the correct answer.

No classes, no appointments, no meetings, no parties, no groups, no games, no events, no work, no gym, no church…

just a two person blessing around the breakfast table,

a pair keeping watch at the fire pit,


a couple taking a walk around the ranch,

partners in the confusion caused by the unseen.

I feel as though I’m on retreat…

Or a secluded holiday…

A Stay-Cay…

I’ve rediscovered family members and friends through apps I’ve downloaded to my iPhone,

engaged in conversations more meaningful than the abridged versions of text-talk.

I am reasonably consoled when we can compare notes around the world- we’re all in this together…that’s a sobering thought for me.

I thank God every day I wake up-

a little more maudlin,

a tad more stir-crazy,

a smidgin more home-sick for what once was-

for Footlights where Hubs and I can shelter-in-place while the storm rages,


and I pray urgently for those enmeshed in the battle beyond our peaceful harbor.

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