Heavy Mist and Other Weather…

It snowed last week just for a while but enough to put down a covering worthy of a few pictures around Footlights,


I caught the Barn-mates out too and we posed,


deciding it was just a little to cold to venture out on a walk,


plus I had my Three Kings Feast to prepare for.

The following day all the roads were clear even though my driveway was still white,


and life resumed its normal pace with temperatures rising to 70 degrees during the week.

Then it got cold again, very quickly and a mist rolled in which stayed for a couple of days with the absence of winds.

On our way to town we could see our immediate surroundings but the sound of the freeway was muffled by the moisture in the air and shrouded in the fog as if it wasn’t there at all.

At once eerie and deeply silent.

Tree lines disappeared along the perimeter of our neighbor’s field,


and I wondered if, from the other side of the field, we too were blending into a cloak of mist?

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