Henny & Rooster…

This is my best Bud, Rooster, who, after a busy spring of lamb duty is back to saying good morning to me as I run past.


Rooster has a girl-puppy in-training.  She’s about the same age as Sprout, our son’s Pyrenees, and I’ve been watching her grow from a distance.

She has been living in a large pen beside the barn at the back of the property.  Not to be trusted with the chickens and other livestock without her Human-Mum-Dog around she was set apart until she grew up…

Occasionally she would make it into the barn yard with big brother Rooster who found her to be a bit of a handful with all her puppy effervescence and nipped at her when she got too close to anything running in feathers.

The resident indoor Corgis were quite adamant that they were Human-Mum-Dog’s favorites and had no intention of letting Henny, her fowl name to match Rooster, inside…no way…no how…Sistah!…Grrr.

Poor Henny…hers was a tough introduction to life on the corner of Rigsby and Weston.  But she got to hear my voice when I called to her each morning and wagged her tail with a little whimper.

A few weeks ago though I saw her come haring through the field towards me, Rooster in tow.  She stopped half way to look back as if to ask,

“This one’s safe right?”

before running pell mell into the fence in her eagerness to get a stroke or whatever it was she’d heard about from big-bro Rooster.


Adorable Henelope…Henny for short!

When Roostie lumbered up he shoulder nudged her out of the way and greeted me with kisses!

He has grown used to her and quite happily allows her to push her muzzle passed his nose in an attempt to get to the milk-bone in my hand first,


not a snarl from my Bud.  Like a benevolent old boy, he waited his turn.

I’m smarter than Henny though and she gets her treats by halves…

…she thinks she’s getting a deal…

…but Rooster and I know better!

They really make my morning and I look forward to hearing Rooster’s deep bark as I jog past knowing they will both be waiting for me when I return with a pocket-full of treats.


I leave with promises,

“See you tomorrow,” and they stand and watch me depart.


Between Sprout and these two I’d say I’ve found the perfect way to have a dog.




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