Hiding Again…

While the storm blew in and our water pump heater/air-conditioner worked overtime to keep the frost off the inside of our windows,


(whoops, somebody left the hose reel out…)

Hubs and I batted around ideas for keeping the drafts out and the electricity bill within reach.

“Packing blankets are cheap and we could drape them over the windows during the cold months,” I suggested.

Hubs cringed.

“In England people hang blankets on their inside doors and put padded snakes along the thresholds,” I continued.

“It’d be awfully dark in here,” Hubs observed.  He was right.

Living where we do we have no curtain-age, venetian blinds hang along the front French doors, which don’t do much to keep out the elements in an arctic storm; the rest of our house is open-faced as it were and icy winds slip through cracks and wriggle under doors on windy, blustery, temperature-plummeting days like today.

In the midst of the ice storm Blue Norther, the lambkin, was born just before the snow hit.

SnowLambWarms the cockles of your heart doesn’t he?  But he’s not available as he’s snuggling with Mum in a bed of clean, warm, hay in a barn-that although it feels like it- is not my house.

I return to my brainstorming session on how to keep it warmer indoors than out.

“We could buy drop cloths, they look chic and aren’t overly expensive…aaand,”  I went on with my train of thought, “are extra long, so they can puddle elegantly on the tile or wooden floors.”

“We’ll have to hang them, rails would be needed if you wanted them to look any good…”  He regarded my face, “…just saying!”

Who said anything about them looking good?  I thought.  All I was concerned with was staying warm, saving energy and moolah.

In the meantime I decided to draw the one pair of curtains we did have.

And Magic, the hide-and-seek kinda cat,


set up a guttural call when he went into the bedroom.

“Wow!  Look at this!”  He seemed to be crying, “someone come play with me!”

So off I went to investigate,


and I couldn’t find him anywhere...

Never a dull moment around my Once-Were-Barn-Cats!

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