Highway Patrol…

As I’m driving the long, well paved highways of Texas, between Galveston and Corpus Christi and Port Aransas to Palestine, I am awed by the desolate countryside.

Is it countryside I wonder?  Or dirt-side?


Hours and hours of straight roads, well kept, empty.

Vast stretches of nothing.

What a shame the speed limit is 75 when my car will do an easy 240…or at least that’s what’s on the speedometer!

I keep up with the odd car on the road and enjoy my lonesome-ness.

Casting an eye in the direction of my rear view mirror about three hours into my uneventful drive I see red and blue flashes bearing down on me.

“There’s a police car behind me with lights going, do I pull over?”  I ask my dozing Cowboy who has closed his eyes for a second.

“Yes!” he jumps in his seat, “Pull over!  You were speeding!”

Yes I was…

The young officer gave me a warning, what a Southern Gent!

“I asked you if all the cars were just going slow or were you going fast when we overtook everything that was on the highway?”   Hubs said once we were racing along again trying to make up for lost time.

“If I get stopped later will it show up that I was pulled over and cautioned a few minutes ago?”  I ask.


Darn!  What a waste of a long, straight, empty road.

“You could have a blow out!”  Hubs added.

He’s right!  At any speed!

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