Hole in One…

My son and daughter in law, who are raising two blue and gold macaws, also have a raccoon.  A baby that fell from its nest in a tree.

When they took delivery of the infant she had just opened her eyes and had a hole in her side from her tumble to the ground.

It had gone septic and needed to be cleaned regularly.

Yesterday morning my son noticed that the hole was moving and he saw something inside it, popping out and then ducking back in.

Freaking out because the raccoon was squealing in pain every time they touched the wound now, they looked it up on-line.

They discovered it to be a Botfly.  Nasty isn’t it for those of you who clicked on the link!?

Smothering was the only way to get rid of it so they tried vaseline which took too long, (this is the instant gratification generation!) and didn’t work anyway!

My son, nothing if not resourceful, hit on the idea of superglue which is used for all kinds of surgical miracles these days.

He squeezed some into the hole which was the size of a large syringe end and very shortly the botfly died from lack of oxygen.

“How did you know?” I asked.

“Because it was no longer coming up for air!”  Reasonable assumption.

They held the struggling, angry, screeching, raccoon down and removed the Botfly using tweezers.  They were amazed at its size embedded in such a tiny creature.

The dime gives it perspective,

Botflyand here she is, baby Bellatrix, all smiles now!


and cheeky in the “adapted for her” computer case!







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