Hungry Barn Cats…

There were barn cats where we lived for a month.

They would flock to us when we took our tea outside,


and purr in our ears, rub their faces against our legs, sit in our laps and even drink the dregs from our mugs.


Starved for attention they would smother us with affection.

One day I heard squealing outside my bedroom window and looked through the blinds expecting to see one of the cats killing a mouse or a rat.  I could hear the jays’ warning calls in the surrounding trees and saw a cat drop down with a squirrel in her mouth.

The squealing was loud, but only for a moment, she deftly flicked her head and silence.

She stood still doing her ujjayi breathing to still her beating heart.

When she had recovered from the chase,

And it must have been quite a chase, have you seen the speed at which squirrels race through the trees?

She slowly dragged it off between her front paws, to the barn.

I was suitably impressed.

No unwanted trophies on our neighbor’s front porch.

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