Jazzercise Anniversary…

Last Saturday I went to Julie Andrews Grindele’s 20th Jazzercise Anniversary.

After days of rain the sun came out on this much anticipated and exciting event and we danced, as if no-one was watching, outside on the basketball courts of Holford Recreation Centre.

I have been traveling and moving over the years and have not been able to maintain my daily (sometimes twice daily) discipline of Jazzercise!

To say I’ve missed this healthy habit would be an understatement.  It wasn’t just a way to stay in shape, it was a lifestyle.

Daughts and I went along to Julie’s bash together.  Malia was a Junior Jazzerciser and babysitter for years and we both turned to each other during the class and said together,

“I’d forgotten what a great workout Jazzercise is!”

“Especially Julie’s classes!” we modified in unison and laughed!

Although we now both dance, walk, go to the gym and practice yoga nothing holds a candle to Jazzin’ Jules’ high energy, fun-filled, loving, positive, classes.

I have nothing but fabulous memories of all the hours I spent class managing, setting up, tearing down, making friends,


Margaret & Me

competing for incentive prizes, dressing up for theme classes, and participating in hundreds, nay, thousands of skillfully choreographed routines during the twenty-two active years I Jazzercised.

I met Julie shortly after she had her twins (now graduating from school and college bound) and I have to say she is the best instructor in town… in State… in Continent!

Cheryl & Me, long time class managers with Jules

Cheryl, Julie, Me

She has five children to my four!  We maintain our figures because…

Woo-Hoo!  Regular attendance at Jazzercise works!

Thanks Julie for fabulous memories of a magical time spent dancing with you.


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