Jet Lag…

I really can’t tell if what I’m suffering from is jet lag or a good old case of exhaustion!?

We travelled for a whole day, from 9:30 in the morning on Thursday, May 2nd until 11:30 the following morning Friday, May 4th.  More than 24 hours, 26 to be precise!

Although the flights were on time and our seats were comfortable, we had to spend 4 hours in New York, changing airports and checking in with security again.  Taking off the shoes, belts and watches and isolating the liquids and laptops just about guts you!

The sitting was long and boring.  Daughts was suffering with a stuffed up nose and occasional fever, and we adults were still reeling from the sale of our family home.

The trick when travelling forward in time is to stay up  until the hosting country’s clock declares it bedtime!

So what did we good Americans do to pass the time?  We headed off to the nearby town of Bromley to get us plugged in to our social media.

We were tired and fractious but put on good faces when our credit check was declined in the jolly little T-Mobile shop, first for hubs, then for me and finally for daughts!

With each declension a growing suspicion arose in me that an error, made on our account months ago causing the involvement of a collection agency, was the culprit although I had been assured to the contrary.

Our credit report was shot!  My jet laggedness allowed my imagination to run wild like a child out of school, visions of not being able to purchase goods on the never never or have a direct debit put through to pay other bills jostled for attention in my pounding head.

Hubs was more alert and spent 2 hours patiently on the phone with the powers that be with whom the manager of the jolly little T-Mobile shop was not allowed to seek counsel .

Finally with welts from the thwack on the hand and weary of the battle we left with a Pay as You Go Plan to placate daughts who by now was out of the picture having trotted off to her doctor’s appointment to address her stuff-uppedness and occasional fever.  Never one to hang around our daughts.

We met her at home to walk to the local and after a couple of halves we felt much better.


Better days had to be on their way!

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