Legal Alien…

I unwittingly became a Legal Alien on accepting Mrs-Hood.  My children grew up thinking I was some extra terrestrial being and would introduce me as their “Mum, the  illegal alien”.  This further confused my father (ish) -in-law who thought it was bad enough them having a Brit. for a Mum  without them having to contend with an ET as well.  I shrugged his concerns off as I had my father’s about the neighbours and we are all still here to tell the tale.

All?  Let me introduce you!

I had four children.  I know, we had them really but I carried them to term marvelling at my protruding, normally flat, belly which I proudly carried around with me for a total of 36 months or so.

The first two were and still are, boys, one brown haired, brown eyed, the other blonde haired, blue eyed, one with my colouring, one with my Texan’s.  Phew!

The next two were and still are, girls, yes you’ve guessed it, one with my colouring, one with my blue eyed cowboy’s.  Amazing eh??

They were all still really young and thought I was illegal at times when they became my human guinea pigs as I accidentally stumbled into the world of homeschooling.  Ooops!!

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