Letting Go For Freedom…

My Christian faith tells me that when I surrender and give up my false idols,

When I die to self and live as God intends me to,

Freedom will soar.


But what exactly does ‘dying to self’ and ‘false idolatry’ look like in the day to day?

I know when we sold our house and I cancelled the myriad of bills I paid each month to keep the homestead going I did feel free,

No More Bills!

No more chains shackling me to money

No more worries about a draughty door, or leaky taps, or overgrown lawns.

My inner being felt light and I thought,

‘This is what freedom looks like in the material world…’

Hubs and I spent 3 years traveling from place to place, paying rent, walking dogs and settling estates.

We lived out of two suitcases,

We didn’t have to be anywhere at any time unless we wanted to be,

We didn’t have any insurance, electric bills, property taxes or internet,

We didn’t have to pay for the upkeep of our house…what house?

It was remarkable how unhampered I felt.

I began to enjoy this letting go, this simplifying.

I was debt-free.

I had all I needed in one suitcase and a carry-on.


As a Christian I believe Jesus has made me debt-free too.

I have all I need for salvation in my heart.

Easy to write, not so easy to live out.

Instead of letting me go I keep getting in the way.


Eventually Hubs and I bought a place and the money idol moved in again.

We started carefully, with a few bills.

We own one car and a heap of a truck,

We are out of the habit of watching TV,

Our cell phones are adequate and not expensive,

Internet is sufficient,

We eat out sometimes, mostly at a friend’s house,

We shop the resale stores.

Nevertheless during the seven months of property ownership the bills have multiplied and we are caught in the net of the material world again.

My Christian faith lifts my soul to the lightness of freedom,

I can sometimes close my eyes and picture myself to be exactly where God wants me right now.

He may be teaching me a lesson,

Or I may be here to further His kingdom in my own special way.


I simply don’t know and that’s ok.

As long as I can feel the peace of God that surpasses all understanding (Philippians 4:7) a flood of relief washes over me and guards my heart and mind.

I am sure, with the blessing of each new day,

I am being drawn closer to letting go for freedom.


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2015-11-23 16:43:44 Reply

Yes, it has been enlightening and lightening. I have enjoyed our time together – learning, sharing, exploring and growing. I am so grateful for you.

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