Looking Back…

Hubs and I love doing theatre.

We are looking for one in our local community.

In the past we’ve known, as soon as we stepped inside the auditorium, that all was right with the thespian world.


It’s not that we’re fussy, it’s just that we have had some really good jobs backstage over the course of our lifetimes and our standards are probably a little bit high.

So far nothing has caught our attention and as we listen to classic musical theatre on our playlists and reminisce over contact sheets and programmes we drift closer and closer to reaching out to some of our former venues just because we love the whole process.

From early production meetings, to auditions and call-backs,

From the first days of blocking, page by painful page, scene by scene, to tech weekend.

From crawling to running through,

From final dress to opening night,

The air was charged with unadulterated magic every step of the way.

The strike,

The cast party,

The goodbyes…

The hellos…

And we’d be off again caught in a world of suspended disbelief.

Unable to brush the choreography off our feet or the lyrics from our tongues.

When a call finally came inviting us to relinquish our summer for the sake of old times and a loyal audience

We found ourselves in a flap.

I woke up missing our old house because it had been so convenient to the theatre,

I ignored the distance we would have to travel every evening for ten delicious weeks.

We were both unwilling to make a decision…we knew as soon as we became ensconced in the shows we would be hooked…but did we really want to look back as we started moving forward with our new lives?

I remembered some verses from Luke,

Jesus was inviting men to follow him and each one had an excuse, one had to go and bury his father, another wanted to say goodbye to his family,

“No-one who puts his hand to the plough and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” Jesus pointed out. (9:62)


Tolstoy Ploughing, Ilya Repin

I said to Hubs,

“Let’s say ‘no’ to the theatre and stop looking back and see what happens.”

And immediately we both felt better.


Other things began to fall into place when we committed to moving on and not hankering for the past.

Just saying ‘No’  is just as relevant as just saying ‘Yes’!

And we will find ways to use our extensive theatre skills in other ways.


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