Losing Your Mind…A Dog Tale

Blake copyHubs woke up this morning and while we were having our morning chat he turned to me and quite clearly said,

“What’s the name of the Big Dog?  I’ve tried to remember but for some reason I just can’t get it, Links or something?”


“Yes darling?”

“Are you feeling all right?  We’ve been here exactly four weeks and you don’t know the name of one of our loaner dogs?  Are you sure you’re not losing your mind?”

“It’s just a name…but not a very dog name, what is it, Jake, Luke?”

“Ask him.” I said refusing to tell.

“I can remember the little white one’s name, because I play with her a lot…”

“You should try playing with the other dog, he needs attention too,” I say.

“Oh come on, tell me his name, I know it’s weird, a weird human name, Jake, Jake, Jake, it begins with ‘J’.

“Luke, are you sure it’s not Luke?”

“You’re close between the two of those,” I hinted.

“Links, Jinx, Linky, Lonksky…” he trailed off.

“Keep going, use Jake now,”  I suggested.

“Lake, Like, Link, Clink… Oh I don’t know!  Yes I do, I’ll ask Skye, she’ll tell me!

“I’ll look it up on the computer, I’m bound to have an email with his name in it.”

After our coffee and without cheating by looking on-line, in the manual we were left or asking Skye, he said,

“Blake, his name is Blake.  That is not a typical dog name is it?  How am I supposed to remember Blake?”

“Think of one of our daughter’s boyfriends,” I suggested.

“Have you ever met a dog named Blake?” he asked.

“No, but my grandmother called her dog Paul,” I offered.

“Paul?” he said, “Paul!!”

“And my parents called their dog Judy…”

“Yes they did!”

The Big Dog’s name is Blake!

And what’s mine?



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