Madge Hiding 2…

Our front screened in porch boasts indoor outdoor carpet made from re-cycled plastic bottles.

Soft to the touch it is nothing like the green stuff we used at Collins.

Madge, the great hider, has decided that the spare pieces we put down at the thresholds to our doorways are his to do with as he pleases.

This morning I open the front door for both the young cats to run out and play as close to the outdoors as they can get.  By the time I return with my morning tea and journal it is clear the master prankster has been at work.


He burrows beneath the light floor covering and flattens his body; his bright eyes glitter with anticipation as he wills Shads to walk past.


From where Hubs and I sit at the table trying to concentrate on our journalling and bible study we witness the backward shuffle, sashay of hips and gentle tail thrashing that are portents of things to come.


The spectacle is cause for great amusement and we pause in our devotions to watch the unsuspecting Shads fall prey to his brother’s ambush.


“They are so funny,” I comment to Hubs, “how can anyone not be uplifted by watching their antics?”

Back to The Word I am reminded that God has unique ways of spending the day with me whether I am aware of Him or not.

When reading digital messages from my scattered children, melting my heart, drawing me close,

or drinking tea with neighbors in the afternoons, exchanging stories, re-connecting.

When listening to beautiful music running over with memories, enticing me to dance,

or enjoying eclectic artwork hanging on my walls, admiring the talent, surprised by the gifts.

When cooking good food to eat with loved ones, sharing a table, swapping recipes,

or watching the weather, gentle and fierce, demanding and balmy.

When gazing at flowers splattering the landscape, inhaling the fragrance, heady and sweet,

or simply laughing at the cats tricking each other into romping, head over heels, under my feet; constant companions.

All of these, and more, are tender signals from God reminding me of His presencewhether I am aware of Him or not.

This morning Madge perseveres in his quest for games…

…he once more conceals himself, absolutely certain he cannot be seen,


and Psalm 139 sings out to me,

     “If I say, ‘Surely the darkness will cover me, 
and the light around me turn to night…’” (10)

I am delighted by his naivety.

I can see him as clearly as God sees me,

even when I think I’m hidden from His sight.

God will be spending the day with me whether I am aware of Him or not…


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