Magic Hiding…

Magic, our handsome black cat, is growing into a large, lovable, feline who purrs loudly.


Majestic Magic

Forever curious he cannot resist an open drawer, cupboard, box, fridge, bag or door.

He sleeps as close to me on the bed as he can and samples all the other cats’ food bowls to make sure he’s not getting jipped.

He enjoys water from vases, taps, ice cubes, the shower floor and occasionally a bowl.

He is the instigator of fun and games through the house and entices his cat friends to chase him with a little nip to the neck, or rump, or ear to get them going.

They whizz around corners, skirt slippery rugs and run up walls, especially if the vacuum (their arch enemy) is being run by Hubs.

Magic tears ahead into our bedroom and dives into his favorite spot to hide,


where he waits to ambush them as they run past in hot pursuit.

He stays motionless believing himself to be completely hidden.


Silly Madge, he thinks he’s so clever!

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