Many Happy Returns of the Day…

This is your first birthday as a father!

Many Happy Returns of the Day Son!

I was there when your daughter was born, at the same hospital where I had you.

And almost immediately there you were, all 6’2″ of you, walking into the waiting room grinning at me from ear to ear,

“I just want to bring my baby girl out into the hallways and show everyone how beautiful she is!” you said excitedly.

How did that happen!!?

Welcome to the giving end of parenting.

For thirty-two years you’ve been a son,

for almost seven you’ve been a husband and now here you are,

a brand new father.


Sophie reminded me of how fast the years really pass when you just turn to look away for a moment…

At first they stretch, stretch, stretch to their full   3    6    5    day length…

then suddenly they pick up speed and there you are crawling, sitting, looking cool,


eating solids and toddling,

out of diapers, into a bed,

swapping bibs for designer clothes and

milk for pints.

Before long you’re barbecuing, rock climbing your way through Texas A&M and valet parking fancy cars,

Working a full-time job and falling in love…

and getting married.

“You’ll always be my favorite Mum,” you said as you waited for your bride.

“And you’ll always be my Suzy-Beth,” I said holding back the tears.

Life in a tiny house with birds to feed and train for your non-profit company, Window to the Wild, fed your need for the independent, bohemian life.

“I want to be my own boss, have time to do the things I love…”

And before I know it you’ve established yourself as a carpenter, forger and welder, way beyond my skills set.

You co-present free-flight and educational programs around the metro-flex that wow audiences into watching and protecting the native birds that share their space.

And then you became a dad!

Phew, your life in a nutshell, just like Jesus!

Sophie has a pretty awesome act to follow,

and so far she’s stealing the show…


with head-over-heels-in-love parents she will always feel cherished and safe.

May all your dreams soar as you watch your daughter grow into a beautiful young lady, wild and fearless like her hero.


Enjoy the squeals of laughter…

…these breathless moments are gone in a flash!

Have a happy birthday,

I love you as much as you love her,





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