Measuring my Words…

In response the the escalating violence in the world at the grass roots level,

by that I mean, the random acts of bloodshed carried out by ordinary, well, maybe not so ordinary, people who could live next door to you and me,

Our priest makes an interesting point.

He suggests we consider how we talk to one another in the everyday.

Are we divisive in our conversation?

Do we think in terms of “us” and “them”?


Just Us…

I immediately started to think about the way I talk to my family,

how I respond electronically to friends…if at all.

how I speak to complete strangers on the phone,

or hurl insults at fellow drivers from the confines of my car,

how I view my children’s opinions,

my yardman’s beliefs,

my neighbors’ lifestyles.


Our lives

I discovered a few home truths like:

How quick I am to criticise,

to compare to me,

to shrug off or find fault with.

How easily my chain is rattled

when misunderstood by a stranger in a customer service call centre,

or cut off by a Mini Cooper in a busy parking lot.

How righteously I disregard

a young adult’s take on the world,

a new idea because it’s not my idea,

let loose a stream of careless words

when my boat of familiarity begins to rock.

I was startled awake to the raw fact that although I may not be in a position to change the world at large, I can change the immediate world in which I live.

I have the power to make it a better place for those who share it with me.

I simply must measure my words more carefully,

temper my actions with grace,

breathe more deeply,

and live the way a Christian should,



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