Moon Flowers…

A few months ago Daughts was walking the back way into Weston and came across some wild flowers that resembled upside down lilies.

“I have no idea what those are,” I said and the next time I walked I took a detour.

“They look as though they’ve been dug up and tossed on the road-side,” I suggested, “way too pretty and large to be wild!”

But I ate my words when I found some blooming in a pot from seeds a neighbor had given me.


Then I found some in the flower bed, clambering up the Zinnia, also grown from a seed packet.

“They’re Moon Flowers!” I told my Daughts.

And I began noticing evidence of them along Rigsby Lane West; I recognized the seed pods and of course the vine-like leaves.


I never saw the flowers because I don’t walk that way at night!

Observing and learning.

Who knows, next I’ll be jumping on the Master Gardener bandwagon.

Simon, my rock climbing son, very soon to be father, says he would like to cultivate a night garden.


Me too!

Florals like evening primrose, night blooming jasmine and brugmansia have a heady night-time fragrance and some cacti, Cereus, bloom in the moonlight.

Perhaps we’ll both try our hands at a Moon Garden next year it sounds quite ethereal to me.

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