Charlie’s Back…

Four days after writing my post about Charlie, the beautiful Labrador puppy who decided she wanted to be my dog, she was back!

I caught her running off with cushions from my patio furniture and chased her down with one of my shoes in her mouth.  She peered inside my yoga studio window watching me flow from up-dog to down-dog and greeted me enthusiastically when I sat down for a cup of coffee on the front steps.


Then she disappeared (back home I hoped) and I went for a walk half expecting her to join me, a little lonely when she didn’t.

I returned, four miles later, to a tale of more woe and drama.

Texas Seasons had been the weekend before, my bird keeping family members scolded me for using chemicals to control the vermin in and around our living area, and I agree with them in a perfect world, but for now I want to make sure the house is safe while I scope out the land and my critter neighbors.

Our handyman builder was working in the barn when he saw Charlie meander in and casually pick up a small packet of unknown content.

She scarfed it and Chuck, already familiar with the rat poison episode from the week before, rushed to find Hubs and asked,

“Did you put some bags of granules up in the barn?”

“No, but we had the pest control gang here on Saturday, maybe it was one of their rat poison packages, why?”

“Charlie,” he said indicating the tail wagging canine behind him, “just ate one.”

Hubs fetched the hydrogen peroxide while speed dialing her owner, who was fortuitously home this time and came barreling over in his SUV.

Between them, in the rain, they poured the antidote down her throat and waited and watched.

She barfed, they sloshed, she barfed again they slopped again and then her back legs buckled.

They loaded her into the SUV with a packing quilt to protect the back seats and in a spray of mud and gravel were off to the vet, once again.

“From the looks of Charlie, she may not make it this time…” Hubs told me when I returned.

A lot can happen in an hour!

We heard or saw nothing for several days and Hubs finally called the owners to hear if Charlie had made it?

She had.

“We’re keeping her as an indoor dog.” her owners told him.

“She’ll make a good indoor dog,” he agreed.


We saw her today crawfish hunting in the creek with her family, she leapt at the car in an attempt to be seen but obeyed when called to heel by her mistress.

Thank goodness there was someone there to witness her thievery.

Perhaps she’ll see her first birthday!


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