Moving Furniture…

Now that Daughts has moved out of the house and into the barn I have my dream room for both an office, where I can write in peace, and a nest, where Hubs and I can enjoy our nightly slice of English broadcasts.


Hubs had to help me move the bed out and the small leather love-seat (from the living room) in.

I moved two bookcases the slow way, by un-loading and re-loading and added my desk, carefully, against the window,


and now I have a super view of the front paddocks and barn,


I also wanted to lighten up the lounge,


and finally found the perfect sofas and chair from the Cindy Crawford collection,


only it’s not available in Texas…

After weeks of having searched through every furniture store in town without any luck, I thought, ‘typical!’

We briefly toyed with the idea of dyeing the slip covers on our white IKEA furniture.

Thankfully that project was nixed due to lack of confidence, plus we have a septic system…

Off we trotted to our favourite Swedish store and bought a three seater sofa in white, to go with our love seat,


and a striped chair cover to ring the changes with wasabi green pillows.


I further orange-y-fied it with scatter cushions and a delightful beach looking accent rug.

Callie fully approves,

“I’m part orange,” she purrs!


Thanks goodness the covers are washable.

I will add throws and accessories as I find them.

Even the garden room benefitted from my splurge!


Moving furniture always makes my day!

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2015-09-03 14:56:15 Reply

I thought I made you day. I must be like and old comfy arm chair by now?


    2015-09-03 20:46:50 Reply

    and I’m a broomstick!

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