Moving Perripoppins…

My teacher daughter had to move this week.  She had been in her house for just under a year and she scrambled to find a new place as quickly as possible so she didn’t have to disrupt her routine too drastically.

Through diligence and the internet she found somewhere close to work and asked us,

“Can you come and help me move?”

Now we’ve helped to move our children before and the strenuousness of the event varies from time to time.

We’ve carried washer/dryers up and down stairs, transported sofas and tables across town, driven cars loaded with clothes and kitchenware the length of Texas.

Sometimes we’d arrive and nothing had been packed, other times, boxes were half filled, dishes still needed wrapping.

A few days before her move Perripoppins had packed and labelled a few boxes to store with us.

She had sold her worn out furniture afraid it wouldn’t survive another relocation.

We were greeted early in the morning curb-side with the task complete except for what we were taking in our car.

It was a little cloudy with a few spots of rain on Holy Wednesday,


and within twenty minutes we were on our way to the new house.

We unloaded, skipped the unpacking in lieu of breakfast and were home before 10 o’clock!

I love that kind of well organized move!

She has perfected the art of simplification!

Ahh that I could be as unencumbered when I travel!


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