My Selfie-Bud Rooster…

You know I walk!

Every day,

Sometimes in the heat of the afternoon, but with the temperatures soaring into the 100′s,

I’ve been walking in the relative coolth of early morning.

I used to have a companion, my walking partner, Charlie, but she is roaming with the neighbors’ dogs and doesn’t have time for me and my bag of milk-bones.  Not quite as appealing as hanging with the K9s.

However, Rooster, the large Pyrenees mix who lives on the other side of the lane with goats and chickens and cats and a fence to keep him safe…would love to come with me.

Sometimes he is in the pasture where he can bark at me to come over for a quick cuddle and maybe a biscuit or two.


Getting my morning sugar!

He is irresistible and I make sure I don’t leave home without a pocket-full of treats

just in case our timing is perfect and he can rush the fence with his doggy kisses,


and prove he’s my best friend morning breath and all!

My selfie-Bud Rooster!

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