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Today I joined Linkedin and just thought I’d have to click an “accept” button.

But no!

I hastily ran through the steps typing in short and sweet answers.

I was in the middle of preparing for my show which always takes more hours than I think because I research so much not wanting to go down in History as a bluffer of facts…who am I kidding?

When I got to the end I  found the edit button and did what I enjoy most…edited my work, my bare bones, my

“I really don’t want to be doing this…” answers.

I thought,

“I may have people reading this so I had better smarten up and look professional.”

This was no Facebook Me.

I could have clicked over to my Toginet profile or looked at my biography in any number of places and cut and pasted, but I thought I’d start from scratch.

Usually for me there is not much difference, I can pretty much re-create what I’ve written verbatim from year to year, decade to decade even.

Of course there’s nothing about God in my summary of myself; the description I include.

Of course I am going to go back and rectify that if I can find a place to say I’m a lover of the Lord without sounding fundamental.

It’s like the homeschool thing.  You only have to look at me and my family to see I am not a typical homeschooler…or perhaps I am now!

Look at me, do I look like a fundie?

I am not saying that I want to please the crowd and attract as big an audience as I can get by saying, through my words and actions, that being a Christian doesn’t require THAT much!

It does require a lot…but mostly what it requires is transparency, a love of Christ, a true new beginning and a determination to live life to the gory of God and no-one else.

You can still have fun, be beautiful, throw parties, cook good food, have a drink, tell a joke, lead a joyful life…

In fact if you surrender to the Lord, put Him first, then all these things fall into place effortlessly and unreservedly.

Once you have given your life to Christ you won’t want to have anything to do with the dark side …unless of course it means reeling in the afflicted, the burdened, the captives, the ones you love who have gone astray.  Then you will walk in with all your humaness and none of your judgement, you will meet that person exactly where they are on the journey of their life and you will LOVE them as if they were Jesus Himself.

You may have to throw a few parties, cook up some good food, tell a few jokes, put on a bit of makeup, wear some fancy clothes and have a drink or two.

You don’t have to join the darkness, let your light shine in what ever way comes naturally to you.

I do!

Jesus is my Lord and Saviour and part of my social network!


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