Nature’s Spun Sugar…

After a steady rain all night

mornings are invariably damp and sometimes misty.


They hold secrets.

Walking back home towards the rising sun I caught what looked like glinting feathers atop long blades of grass; delicate ferns liberally dotting a field.


They looked like isometric dandelions once they have become faerie clocks.

I stopped to see if I could capture the apparition on film, well, on digital camera and by drawing closer I saw them differently again,

this time like spun sugar swaying on the tops of the grass.

Or filigree silver,




and hundreds

of twinklings in the early morning sun!

I leant against the fence to steady my iPhone and saw that they were, of course, scores of tiny spider webs scattered across the field.


When gossamer works of art,

balancing beads of dew to create the glittering flashes of light I’d seen from a distance,

are revealed for just this time.

When any minute now a herd of cows could come trampling through the gleaming pasture

pulling up the cobweb-glazed grass to lazily chew the cud out of it.

When nature can gleam so deftly with such ethereal ease.

Then how much more do we,

made in His image,

shimmer in His radiance?

God shows off all over His creation,

If we open our eyes to see.

I pulled back from behind my camera and right in front of me

spun between the cross boards of the fence where I was leaning,

I saw a web,


unseen a moment before.

This is what I gazed upon when morning broke.


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