New From Mistral August 18th-At Sea, Tallinn

Sunday, August 18th  At Sea

I got up to go to the Crew Purser; she must have woken up on the right side of the bed today, because she was finally nice to me! I also filled out a form to have my disembarkation ticket changed from London to Texas in April 2014. I felt like I achieved a lot done before 10am.

Everyone’s eyes are red in the morning; I don’t think anyone gets enough sleep on board.  I need some of Pop’s eye drops!

A cheat sheet of English to Spanish has been put up on the notice board outside the crew bar. I am learning a bit every day.  Un pequito!

We found a gecko in the corridor this afternoon, Norbi and Bori captured it in a container and poked holes in the top. They are going to release it tomorrow in Tallinn.

It is very warm all over the ship today, even on the deck, it’s windy but warm. We have had rehearsals all day since 10am to 330pm. We had a bit of a break to have lunch, chicken nuggets today, safe enough until I bit into one and got a bone. That was my last nugget!

I spend a lot of time listening to the dancers speak Hungarian and the head dancer, Bori only corrects me in rehearsals never her fiancé Norbi.  She tells me it is “no good”.  Her English is not very nice when I get something wrong.

I literally sat down in my cabin and closed my eyes and Manu woke me up to go to rehearsal!  We did a run of the show, then I had an hour to get ready for Gala Night.  This time I met the captain, he was very sweet and kissed me on both cheeks as they do in Europe.  His face is as soft as a baby’s bottom.  The photographer took a photo of the captain and me and had it mounted on a magnet.  Now I have a magnet of me on my cabin wall with the captain who has a baby’s bottom for his face…

After Gala we ate dinner and then performed.  It was the crew bar afterwards,


of course, and a very good time was had by all.  We played with Pringle tops, and laughed! The only down side was that someone was playing Heavy Metal music the whole night!  At the end though Pink Floyd started to play which was good.

Before bed, Manu and I had a little heart to heart. She told me a whole story in English and asked me if I had understood her and when I said “Yes” she was so happy!  I then passed out on my bunk with makeup and clothes on!

 Monday August 19th Tallinn, Estonia

I woke up to a crew drill at 10am. I had slept with my makeup and clothes on. So I had to shower really quickly, throw my uniform on and grab my life vest to go to my muster station. It was just a general crew drill so not too bad, but everyone was very quiet and tired.

After the drill we all got dressed to go out. We exited Master Mistral and it was raining!  We got soaked while walking to the market, it was a Bazaar, with lots of little tacky shops under one roof. I bought myself a hairpiece for 20 Euros

I walked with Alex (the female singer) to the supermarket. I bought some necessities and some things I didn’t NEED, but when I miss lunch or dinner, it is nice to have something to snack on. I also bought a box of tea, only to find out it is loose leaf. So unless I want to chew my tea, I won’t be drinking it right away.  Mum and Dad said they’ll bring me tea bags to Dover…

I then took a nap for 3 hours. It was divine. I woke up for dinner and had a piece of tuna and pineapple. It was pretty decent. Then I made some tea, not my loose leaf, with honey and milk, it was very good!

We rehearsed in the conference room and I learned 2 new numbers, they aren’t very easy and it is part of the Mitos show, which I already have something against, I am just not a fan of the numbers in that show. I got annoyed with Bori because she threw a bit of a fit at me for not having the moves down pat. But you know me and how I learn…slowly!  I need plenty of practice and time and at least a night to sleep on it.  Today I just shut up and held my tongue and continued dancing without arguing, like everyone else would have done. I find it is just a waste of energy to argue.

After rehearsal we went to the crew bar, and I ended up staying up until 5am. Whew.  I have to have some kind of a life!!


We perform 4 shows total:


Hip Hot Cabaret

Mitos y Lienda and

Radio Show

In addition there is The Presentation on the last night, which is where we walk around the stage and audience with flags and do the entertaining ‘Burrito’.


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