New From Mistral October 5th-8th at Sea, Malaga, at Sea


Saturday October 5th Sea Day

Guess what time I woke up today? 435. Ooooooooopsie. I was so exhausted; my body hates me for dancing too much. My knee is literally screaming at me.

I had some coffee, without milk, YUCK, and then went to do my last training. It was business and ethics training on the computer. I passed, thank goodness. Then I started some laundry.

The new acrobats arrived but more about that later.

The new dancers come on tomorrow, I don’t know whether that means more or less work for me!

I have to go to the bathroom so badly, but I have been waiting for 10 mins for Leechy to brush her teeth. I am going to explode!!!

Sunday October 6th Malaga, Spain

I woke up to go out in Malaga today with Javier, Felipe, Peter and Ivan. We found a café to eat in and used their wifi.  On the way back to the ship we stopped to have ice cream, I had coffee flavor. It was delicious! Then we made it back on board and we had our passenger drill. It went all right but it was very hot, literally everyone was dripping sweat.

We had a bit of a break before we had to do the pool party. Capello’s family is on board so that is exciting for him. And the new dancers embarked, but I haven’t met them yet.

I was bursting with energy for pool party I don’t know why.

A meeting in the theatre was called and I finally met the new dancers. There are 2 British, 1 Norwegian and 2 Ukrainian girls.  Then 3 Brazilian boys. So far they seem nice.  Just done the math, looks as though they’re one girl short!  Roma is staying to make 4 boys, only five girls!

Vanessa, the choreographer, is now on board so we have to work extra hard!  She said the shows were nothing like she left them and that Norbi and I are the two best dancers and we’re the newest!

I ate a hot dog for dinner then went to crew bar for a little bit. On my way back, some new housekeeping guy was doing something with the floor and told me I couldn’t go there. I went to the other door and came around to my cabin, he saw me and yelled. Then later I went from watching a movie in Javier and Felipe’s cabin and he huffed and puffed and told me to go back to bed. I was so irritated with him, I am going to report him!

Monday October 7th at Sea

I set my alarm for 9am to wake up and get ready for rehearsals, however I rolled over and snoozed again. Luckily, Capello’s baby started screaming at 946am and woke me up again. I had to rush to get ready for class.

We all met in the theatre and Vanessa taught a class. It was very intense. It felt really good! But it was exhausting. Then I went to have lunch and coffee with Javier. Afterwards, we had a run for the show. We had to do it absolutely full out, 100%. It was very hot and the new dancers were watching, so everyone was on their best behavior.

When Vanessa gave corrections, Bori spoke back to her!  No wonder all the dancers do the same.  After the run and notes, Bori, Norbi and I went to learn a new number. Hopefully this is the last one until the end of my contract.

Finally I was able to take an hour’s nap. It felt like a year. It was so peaceful. Then it was Gala night, so many people spoke to me in English. One guy asked me where I learnt to dance so beautifully!

Both of the shows went very well, but the ship was moving a lot!


Leechie is talking and I have no idea what she is saying!!!

Leechie is ripping paper?

When Felipe sees Leechie he says, “E.T. phone home.”  Today I went into the cabin and she was phoning home. Literally!

Tuesday October 8th Trapani, Italy

I am feeling very loved, very happy. The people here have such big hearts. They are some of the sweetest kindest nicest people I have ever met!

I have no idea what I did today, I cannot remember. I ate lunch at some point. Then had coffee with Javier in the crew bar. Then I puttered around for a bit and then took a short nap. Then I woke up to get ready for the magic show.

We had both magic shows, they both went very well, the audience loved them.

I took the food down from the kitchen and saw the new chef. I thanked him for the new, delicious food.

In crew bar, there was a party for Central America day. Bori, Norbi, Era, Sergi and Ivan helped them cook food all day, so of course I had to try it all. Afterwards, I was so full!   The tables and chairs were moved out of the bar and there was good lighting and music and people dancing and drinking! It was amazingly fun!!

It didn’t end until 3. Then I went to bed. 

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