News From Mistral August 16th-17th Copenhagen

Friday August 16th Copenhagen, Denmark

Today I looked out of my port window to see…concrete.

I had no plans so I got up at 1pm and went out. I tried to find the free wifi, but there weren’t any signs. All I knew was to look for a red brick building. Well, there were about 10 red brick buildings!  I walked for about 10 mins before I realized I was going the wrong way. On my way back, I saw a sign, a very big sign that yelled out, ‘FREE WIFI FOR CREW’…of course! Somehow I had missed it.

I used the wifi for a bit. Spoke to some people. It was good.

Then I took the shuttle bus to see the Little Mermaid, a famous Copenhagen landmark.



After doing that I didn’t know what to do. There was no one else from the ship around. I walked for a bit and saw some sights.  There was a beautiful church, waterfall and crepes being cooked everywhere!  But I resisted the temptation (only because I have no money right now!).

I then waited for the shuttle bus to go back to the ship. It was the same driver, he was very friendly and we talked about Larry Hagman. His accent was awesome!! We saw a DHL bus that had run into a post. My bus driver stopped to take a picture of it!

The ship is kind of dead today, I guess because we have been at sea for the last day so everyone wants to get off.  Because I was on my own I didn’t do much, I was worried to go too far because I didn’t want to miss the bus and not make it back to the ship in time for The Presentation tonight.

I had a hot chocolate and some Ritz crackers and took a nap.  Always a plus in my book!!  After my snooze I had dinner since I hadn’t eaten all day. I ate chicken and rice and lots of watermelon, which was terribly delicious!

I got ready for The Presentation.  What happens is I walk around stage and through the audience with a flag and then do the ‘burrito’ which is a silly little dance that we all do on stage. It’s rather entertaining!

We did the first Presentation and then I went with Manu and Lychie (who is one of the Brazilian dancers and her real name is Lydia) for a glass of wine. We spoke with Daniel, the Romanian second engineer.  The gay bartender, I don’t know his name, is leaving tomorrow so we had our wine for free.  After the 2nd Presentation I ran off the ship at 1146pm to use the Wifi again in that red brick building that my day started with!  It was a good time to talk to a few people in America.

It was warm in Copenhagen today and on my way back to the ship from using the internet at 2am, it was raining.

Watching *Friends, season 2, episode 6. TOW the Baby

Saturday August 17th Copenhagen, Denmark

I had color today so no going off. I slept pretty well, until I had my disembarkation duty which lasted from 10am-115pm.   Not too bad.  I spoke with the security officers who are from India. We learnt a lot about each other’s cultures.

Time for another nap and I did laundry!

At 6pm we had a run of the show! I wasn’t in any new numbers tonight so I knew everything pretty well. Then it was show time at 8pm and I hadn’t had time to eat dinner.   In between the shows we went to the crew bar and watched some music videos.

After the 2nd show we went straight into learning a new number.  I finally had dinner at 1230am; tuna and potatoes…delicious. I went to crew bar and spoke with a guy from Bulgaria who only speaks English on the ship. We also hung out with Javier, he’s the musician and singer  who lived in the Bronx for 4 years and never learned English!  We had a very good time.

Now, at 3am, its time for bed, the hours are crazy in this job!!







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