News From Mistral August 22nd-23rd Helsinki & Stockholm

Thursday August 22nd Helsinki, Finland

We woke up early today to go out before rehearsal.


I really didn’t want to wake up but it was very nice once we got out and I am happy that I did. We saw some sights, a market; some lady was selling fish off the front of her boat.


Everyone’s English was really good, surprisingly and the Cathedral was magnificent!


We went to McDonalds, I guess I will know where all the McDonalds are around the world by the time I finish this 9 months!

We came back in time to eat and then go to rehearsal. Slava hurt his leg, so we worked the show without him in it, which took forever and everyone was arguing about not having time to argue!  Then it turned out, after we made all the changes, Slava said he would do the show!  So everyone was very irritated with him.  It was stupid. After our rehearsal, we had a pool party! So we got to dance in the rain and cold. It was still fun.

When we came back down to deck 4 (from 11) everyone was gathered in the main corridor. It looked like someone had had a fight. We weren’t allowed to go through there so we went straight to our cabin. Then we went to have coffee. We found out that one of the chefs was caught drunk and sent to his cabin from work, on his way down the stairs, he fell and broke his skull and there was blood everywhere. He was apparently a very large man. We had just left port and he had to be picked up off the ship by a helicopter.  There is not a place for the helicopter to land, and so they just threw a rope down and picked up the stretcher. They had to close the Fermentera (bar) and the passenger pool area and everything! Funny thing is, the guy was disembarking in 2 days anyway, now I am guessing he won’t be allowed to work for Ibero again because he was drunk on the job.

We all took a nap, I got up to eat dinner then get ready for the show! I was very hyper and super pumped and it went very well!! During the 2nd show, I totally forgot to go on for a number, I just came off stage and started changing, then I noticed that there wasn’t anyone around me…I realized that the new number I had learnt yesterday, was playing. I started to change back into my other costume, only it was almost over and there would be no point!   I totally missed Erika’s hairpiece getting stuck on Norbi’s costume and coming off on stage!  Bori was not amused I had spaced the number!

For dinner I had a choice of Duck or Pork, and I had the pork, which was a terribly good choice! It was so delicious! I did try some of Manu’s Duck though which was equally as delicious, it had the texture of liver but was absolutely yummy!  Then we had to put our new costumes on for White Party, no longer allowed to wear our own clothes. They are terribly skimpy,


but very easy and comfortable to dance in. This white party was much better than last time, everyone was dancing and the music was very good! We had glow sticks and they decorated the disco with white sheets, and people were wearing angel wings and had painted their faces.

Now I am just sitting in bed relaxing, no crew bar for me. I am too tired. We go back another hour tonight so now only one hour ahead of England.

Friday August 23rd Stockholm, Sweden.

It is amazing to think that I have been here 22 days. In so many ways it feels like 22 months and in other ways it only feels like 1 day.  I am making a few friends,

Javier, Me, Aday,?, Philip, Natali

Javier, Me, Norbi, Bori, Aday, Natalia

It is hard to imagine being here for 9 months when I haven’t even been here a month yet; it was actually my 3 week anniversary yesterday. But I guess by the time this month is finished, I will only have a little less than 8 left! And once I get to know all of the shows and the way things work on the ship, I will get used to it and each day will be easier.  I am looking forward to being able to go out more and not worry about getting back on board for rehearsals.

Javier, Me, Aday, Philippe, Natalia

Javier, Me, Aday, Philippe, Natalia

Laundry is a pain in the tookie to do, not because I don’t know how to do it, which I do, it is just that every time I decide to go downstairs to do my wash all the machines are all full, I say ‘all’ there are 5 of them!  If you don’t catch a machine just as someone is taking out his or her laundry  someone else snatches it up.  Stressful!

The other day in the staff mess they had blue cheese and chicken parmesan, it was as if someone had brought champagne and caviar; we were all in hog heaven.

The Hungarians love their gum they chew it before rehearsal, during rehearsal, right after a show; smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, and of course you know me and the sound of gum, I love it!  Seriously what’s with always having to have gum their mouths?

The singer, Alex, asked me about the song, ‘Hit the Road Jack!’ she  thought it said something else, “where you go Jack!”  and asked what it meant? It was adorable.

There is another sign outside crew mess, “We are like crayons, different colours, different sizes, all in the same box.”

Who comes up with these silly sayings?  I should find one to put up!  Dad, any ideas?

Me, Norbi, Bori &?

Me, Norbi, Bori &?



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