News From Mistral August 31st, Copenhagen

Saturday, August 31st  Copenhagen, Denmark


I woke up for disembarkation this morning at 930. It wasn’t too early, and Manu and I were stationed together, so we had a lot of fun! We took pictures and made jokes. We had 2 breaks. So really we didn’t do anything!  What a job!

I went to get internet for a little bit, it was nice to speak to familiar voices. I miss home a whole bunch, but I try not to let myself think about it too much.

The other day I fell out of my bunk, I was leaning over to get something and over I toppled, the bruise on my thigh is like a smiley face!

The weather wasn’t too cold but it was raining. However, it was sunny! Javier let me use his umbrella.

I took an hour snooze then I went to rehearsal. We learnt a new number, and by ‘we’ I mean, me. Then we did a run at 6. Our show was at 8pm tonight, which is 45 mins earlier than normal. So we were all rushed, no one got to eat dinner, I barely had time to shower. The first show went really well. Then we had to participate in the PAX drill. It was freezing and we stood there in our full show makeup and hair. It was terrible and toad to it all we had our second show!


I did the ‘dance of my town’…during the overture I was just being goofy ol’ me…and I told them it was the ‘dance of my town!’   Haha it was fun! We all were in very good moods.

The second show also went well, Alver had forgotten to change before going back on stage, so he stood off stage with his mic, singing, as I put his shirt on and snapped it up for him. I was very tempted to lean into the mic and sing along.

During the improv part tonight, I did 4 pirouettes straight into a kick! I was very impressed with myself.

We all went to eat, but Era and Alex took forever, so we all sat around one round table and chit chatted.  We were all loopy tonight.  I tried to eat something funky, it was something wrapped with a mushroom…I settled for the pasta and ‘cheese sticks’ that were with it.

My shower was very challenging tonight, the ship is extremely rocky and the wind is blowing hard outside, so we are moving all over the place.  The captain said we need to put our things close to the ground in case they fall off the counters and such.

The sea has white caps!


Manu’s perfume reminds me of Camp Crucis, where we used to have church camp, I have no idea why, but mmmm it smells good!

There is a music video channel in the crew bar; at night they play amazing mixes, one tonight was Cher with Rhianna another one was Paul McCartney and someone.  It is very good and extremely clever.

I just banged my head so hard on the smoke detector in my cabin, OUCH! I don’t understand why they made the bottom bunk be able to sit up and have a little space above the head, and the top bunk has NO space. I will be very happy to move down when Manu leaves!  I won’t be happy to see Manu go though.



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