News From Mistral August 5th-7th…Norway


Monday, August 5th 2013/Sailing

I didn’t wake up until 12, I ate some lunch and then went to get my uniform.  It consists of 2 pairs of khakis, 2 blue polos, 2 t-shirts, 2 scarves, 2 pairs of black trousers, 1 black coat, and 2 white button ups.

UniformVery European!

I was able to return to my cabin to sleep and napped until about 3 when Bori knocked on the door for rehearsal. I learned 3 more dances and my poor brain is fried!!

Norbi (Bori’s fiancé) and I were supposed to have Environmental Training today, but neither of us saw the posted notice so oooops!! We had to go speak to the head of Environmental and apologize.

Tonight was Gala night. I put on my long black dress with my new heels and jewelry! Very fancy!! We went up to passenger deck 5 and there was a backdrop set up with cameramen and flashes. Silvia taught me some easy Spanish in order to deal with the passengers as we directed them to the event.

“Hola!”  “Pour favor!” “Ale Dante,” and other phrases that my brain doesn’t want to think about right now!   I stood and told people where to go and the passengers went through to meet the captain, which I have yet to do. Then I went and had dinner with Roman (Ukrainian dancer) and Manu (roommate). After dinner we had more rehearsals, turns out I didn’t remember much of what I’d learned earlier in the afternoon, so we went back over everything! Then, after I learned the finale for one show I laid my head down in the meeting room (the theatre was busy).

The ship is very rocky right now, in rehearsals it was very difficult to keep balanced.  Manu and I went to the crew bar where they were playing a movie in English called, Safe House, it was terrible!!  About a group of guys who assaulted a girl, then the girl got her revenge and killed them all. I don’t know who picks the movies but that one was terrible! Then Manu, Lydia and I went to a cabin party, Efrain and Daniel’s.  I am going to help them with their English!  They told some ghost stories about the ship, only in Spanish, so I couldn’t understand them.  I didn’t want to know!

Tuesday, August 6, At Sea. 

I woke up at 945am and was headed to get some coffee, when a security guard stopped me and asked if I was going to training? I had no idea but I said, OF COURSE!  So there I am, no coffee, no makeup, just rolled out of bed. For an hour the instructor spoke about security on board.

Immediately afterwards we had rehearsal in the meeting room again. Manu taught me a new number. Then we had a lunch break and more rehearsal in the theatre.  We practiced some lifts and moves on stage, which was nice because we had more space.

When we finished I had about 40 mins in order to sleep, before the next training session.  I wasn’t feeling too well because the ship is very rocky. I tried out my new sea-sickness wrist bands. They seemed to work, however I was sleeping when I was wearing them so I’m not for sure!

I woke up with 10 mins to spare and made some hot chocolate, my new favourite drink.  Training at 3pm, Safety on Board. The head of the safety department is funny so we can joke a lot and get along well! I was teacher’s pet today because I was the only one who had my Safety Card with me. After that I could do no wrong. Except he was speaking “ship” language and I kept asking what things were, you know, “port” “starboard”!!  He told me I am worse than the Brazilians who cannot even speak English.  All the training classes are in English by the way!!

I staggered straight back to rehearsals. My brain is very full of all kinds of things, Spanish, dance routines, safety procedures!  We learned a new dance, the finale to one show, a very long number. At this point I only know ½ of it.

We had dinner and I am relaxing until rehearsal at 10pm, yes that’s at night!!.

Turns out we didn’t have rehearsal because someone was using the room and the theatre was busy. But I sat with the Ukrainian guys and we looked at pictures, I showed them the house, 2525 Collins, and they were absolutely amazed!! Now they think I’m super rich!

Later we went to see the passenger talent show, it was very amusing! Manu and Lydia showed me the disco. It wasn’t too bad, just one bad and very empty. Then back to the crew bar, I had a drink and then some crazy guy came over and was trash talking all the guys we were sitting with and calling them gay and saying very sexually abusive things. We made a formal complaint to the head of security and the crazy guy should get disembarked tomorrow. Lots of drama went down!!

Wednesday, August 7th Geiranger, Norway

I woke up to the most beautiful sight out of my window today,


We are in Norway! I cannot go off ship because we have rehearsals.  I am going in 4 numbers tonight!  We rehearsed and the dancers are so disrespectful. They speak their language while Bori is trying to teach and clean. She and Manu do not get along!

After lunch I tried on my costumes and during the run at 3pm I was in costume.


Lots of changes!


Then I chose a costume for Carnival.

I decided to write down my dances in a book, first time ever that I have had to do that.  It helped me so much! I also had to sew my ballet shoes.

I managed to squeeze in a short nap and then we had dinner and got ready for the show. As I said, tonight I was in 4 numbers, they all went super well!! I get along really well with Alvero, the male singer, her is very sweet and has a girlfriend.

During the show, the Velcro on my halter leotard kept coming undone on stage.  Guess what?  In-between the shows I had to sew my own snap on.  Where’s Mrs. Russell when I need her!!

The dances I did today were a seaweed number, aka ‘Sea Shit’ because they didn’t know the word for Seaweed; a dance with huge yoga balls, I got a very good arm workout; a warrior number, ballet-ish, and the finale.

After the show we ate the left over passenger food.  I had salmon! I changed into my Cowgirl outfit and we all went upstairs to Carnival night, one of my duties. All we had to do was dance around and encourage people to have a good time!  Everyone was in costume, the passengers looked amazing! They gave out several prizes, Best Group, The Flintstone Family won, Best Couple and Best Single.  Then guess where we went?  Back to the crew bar, just me and Era. Only for a tiny bit because we were so tired. Very loud Spanish music was playing and people were dancing and having lots of fun!

My sleeping pattern is very off right now. I get tired at about 8pm, just before the shows, then at 2am, which is now, I get my 2nd wind and I don’t want to go to sleep!

So far I am really enjoying the life, it’s pretty crazy, but rehearsals and shows are a home away from home for me. It is comforting to have something familiar on board. I am really enjoying the fact that I have curtains around my bed to give me privacy and it feels like my own little, very tiny, room.

Since I am not on my phone for Facebook/Instagram/Texting, I have discovered a new love for Candy Crush. I am addicted!! It’s an excellent way to pass the time.

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