News From Mistral October 12th-14th, At Sea, Malaga, At Sea


The video is from the crossing to Bruges, Brussels and when we cross to Cagliari from Italy it is just as calm.

Saturday October 12th Sea Day

This life is trying my patience. I have had to become a lot less uptight. Patiently waiting for someone to tell me a story in broken English, waiting for Leechie to finish looking at herself in the bathroom mirror, learning new numbers, waiting for internet, or a washing machine!  It’s been a difficult task and I still have miles to go before I conquer it. But I am trying!

I got up late today to go eat, start some laundry and rehearse with everyone at 2pm.  We cleaned some numbers and I learnt a solo for Mitos. Then Javier, Felipe and I went to get a coffee in Formentera. We are the 3 Musketeers.  I have a lot of fun with them! J

I had a snack in the crew mess of French fries and fruit, half healthy!  Finally I washed my hair remembering to clear out the drain afterwards.

My crew pass stopped working, but I knew I hadn’t spent my 100 euro limit yet. So I went to crew purser and she had blocked it because I was ‘signing off’. But now it is unblocked. It had me stressed for a couple days thinking, how could I have spent that much money in 11 days?!?!

Leechi was just talking on the phone very loudly to someone and then there was a knock on the door. I got up out of my top bunk bed to answer it, thinking it was Javier and it was Costa the guy Leechie was talking loudly to!  It irritated me because why did I get out of my bed to answer the door to someone Leechie was expecting to come and knock on the door for her?

Sunday October 13th Malaga, Spain

I am tired today and fed up, can you tell?

Disembarkation, drill, pool party, run, cookies at 3am. Sat on deck 7 forward.

Monday October 14th Sea Day

The atmosphere here is terrible now. The people don’t want to work together as a team; they don’t respect the people in charge. Slava got mad at me for not speaking up to Vanessa. I told him that I was taught by parents, directors, professors, ballet choreographers and teachers, not talk back. It is absolutely ridiculous. We are 20-35 years old. Not 5.

Bori trelayed something back to me that Vanessa had said about me and it really, really angered me.  She said I marked my show numbers when I was performing!  I know, I can cross my heart and swear on my life, that as soon as I step foot on that stage, I give 110%. So, angry, I went to confront her in private about what she had said. She ended up clarifying that it was when I took my place for the line up in Radio Show that I looked as though I wasn’t performing!  It turns out Bori had given a general comment which was a lot more specific when I spoke to Vanessa face to face. I am very glad I went to speak to her because it cleared things up and made me calmer.

I am trying to ignore everyone now because getting angry and upset really brings people down. I am keeping my mouth shut and trying to enjoy what I am doing, no matter what the other people feel. I know it is stressful and it is hard work and I am very angry that we have to re-learn almost every number, but there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, so why fight it? There are only two more cruises after this one so I’ve decided not to ruin this whole experience now and end it on a bad note.

Go Good Attitude!

There was karaoke in the crew bar and suddenly, ‘Down by the Station Early in the Morning’ came on. I was singing along and grooving until I realized that everyone around me was staring. They had no idea what that song was!

I learned some new Spanish.

Me mayo (I am wetting myself)

Me encanta (more that I like)

Mentirosa (liar, female)

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