News From Mistral October 19th-21st At Sea & Malaga

Saturday October 19th At Sea


I woke up at 745 to go to the doctor’s again. Turns out on sea days they don’t open until 9am. So I slept for another hour before going to see the moody old fart. He wanted to give me another injection. I said no. So he said I had to work. I told him fine! I’d rather work than get another injection.

I went back to bed and was woken up by a knock on my door. It was Javier! He was headed to his English lesson. I woke up and went to the crew bar to have a coffee and wait for him. Then I ate some lunch, not much because I wasn’t hungry and the food was not good today at all.

Wow. Leechie realllllly cannot sing. She is watching a movie with headphones on and singing.  It sounds like a cat screeching.

I had training at 3pm. Chiprean came at 315pm and basically just putted around until 345pm to pretend like we were doing training. Capello was there so he did a magic trick. Then we spoke about me leaving the ship and not speaking Spanish!  Everyone wanted to practice their English!

I ate some dinner then we had staff presentation. I joined in, because it is only walking around the audience with flags and a little bit of the Burrito. Then I went upstairs to Borcellno where Reielo was doing a short version of his show. Javier was singing with him, the place was packed and very hot. Alex and I stood in the back and laughed and clapped and had a lot of fun whilst sweating. Javier was amazing and so was Efraim, he is the 27 year old, alcoholic, pianist.  He is very talented.

I am not allowed into the crew bar because I am injured, so Javier took my coffee traveler mug and poured a beer into it and brought it to me in the cabin! Hehe  Also for some reason when I went into crew bar earlier to get a coke, everyone was speaking about me, being all American and what-not. It was a strange day.

Javier gave me a piece of gum, it was green and I assumed it was minty. Booyyyyyy was I wrong. It was licorice flavored!!!! YUCKKKK I didn’t even know they made that flavor of gum. Mum would love it. Blechy.

I just got serenaded by Felipe and Javier!

Sunday October 20th Malaga, Spain


I wasn’t supposed to have Embarkation duty today because of my medical. However, Leechie, who was suppose to be doing my shift, complained to Gustavo and I was made to do half of the embarkation duty and somehow, I got yelled at for not speaking Spanish! I am getting very stressed and emotional, it takes a lot for me not to snap and start yelling at people. But I am doing a good job at keeping my cool around all these ignorant people.

I scanned people in and took their picture, however sometimes I got confused so there are Marias with a man’s picture with them and Fernandos with a female picture. Whoopsie!!

I ate lunch upstairs, because by the time I finished embarkation, staff and crew mess were closed. I had pizza. It was mmmmm mmmm good!

I am currently not participating in the pax drill, I might get in trouble for it later, but I will just bat my eyelashes at Chiprean and I’m sure it will all be okay.

As of now, I am supposed to be doing the whole show tonight, it’s only about 3 numbers, but 2 are very sassy numbers with lots of ‘hip sitting’ so I’m not sure how I will hold up. But I don’t think Bori will let me not do it. So I either really irritate her and refuse to do the show or I look like an idiot on stage. Not sure which one is better, but I know which will be funnier!

Monday October 21st At Sea

We woke up at 825am to eat breakfast and go to warm up. It wasn’t too terrible today, however I didn’t go to sleep until 530am. So I was extremely tired.

We had rehearsal in the Conference room afterwards and cleaned Mitos… again. We spent 3 hours the other day cleaning it, I’m not sure why we had to spend another hour and a half on it. But oh well! Turns out I cannot do some of the numbers because of my hip.  I am now having pain in both hips.

On the way to lunch we saw a sign in the corridor saying,

Enjoy your Sunday!

And boy oh boy did we ever!! It was so delicious. 6 different flavors of ice cream, 3 sauce toppings and 6 different other toppings, sprinkles, coconut, raisins, chocolate chips…etc.  The best Sundaes I’ve ever had on board!!

We did a run of Mitos which was all right.  I figured out what I could and couldn’t do during the show because of my hip.

I took a nap from 230-6 it was divine.

I like to play the toilet paper game. The way it is hung on the roll is very critical to each individual’s everyday use. I like to have it be as easily accessible as possible. So…that means the flappy part is always on the top of the roll. Not lost somewhere at the bottom or next to the wall, like Mum has it!  Whenever I go into other people’s cabins to use their toilet, I check and see which way they have positioned their toilet paper. If it is incorrect for me, I change it! Then a couple days later, I go back to see if they have changed it back! In the cabin of Javier and Felipe, they ALWAYS change it back!  (In the cabin of!  I mean, in Javier and Felipe’s cabin!  These foreigners are ruining my English!)

I used Bori’s muscle relaxing cream today before performance.  Holy poo poo, I almost died. I didn’t notice it at first, I put a lot on because of the pain in my hips and it smelled like toothpaste, but no sensation on my buttocks so I was just rubbing it in!  Halfway through the show, it felt as though someone had taken two sizzling plates of fajitas and stuck them on my hips. Ooooooh Mama…it was the worst pain I’ve felt in a long time. I literally felt like my bottom was on fire. Luckily I didn’t feel the pain in my hips anymore. But that’s because I was too busy calling the Tango India Team (fire).


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