News from Mistral October 1st-4th Trapani, Messina, La Valetta & Cagliari

Tuesday October 1st Trapani, Italy



I woke up at 8am and went to eat breakfast. I had some cereal and finished my instant coffee. The ship still only has decaf, what are they thinking??

At 830am I met with Capello on stage to rehearse the magic show for later tonight. We rehearsed for about 45 mins then we finished and I went straight back to bed.

I was woken up at 2:11 by a knock on the door. I didn’t answer, but then Leechie opened the door from the outside, I suppose she was walking by at the right time. It was Javier knocking because he was going out. I have color.

I went to Formentera to have a cappuccino. I met with Raul and Silvia. Raul paid. They really want to hear me sing, so he is being super nice to me. I agreed to sing at the next Talent show.

I went to the pool on deck 11 because Manu told me she broke up with Curry, her boyfriend. He isn’t doing too well, but I’m sure he will get over it.

I went down to have coffee time, I ate a croissant, then I tried to start laundry, but it was packed!! I figured everyone would be out, but I guess Trapani doesn’t have anything fun to do.  I went to the pool to lie in the sun instead, it was gorgeously sunny and warm. I dipped into the pool before going inside, which was very cold!

I managed to start my laundry. Then I made some French press coffee! I opened my packet of digestives and watched Friends while relaxing in my cabin alone.  For some reason, Leechie takes up so much space in the cabin, even when she is in her bed so it’s nice to be alone.  Whenever I am doing my makeup or want to get into my drawer, she conveniently stands right in front of whatever I need to do.

I continued with my laundry, as I started my makeup for my very first magic show tonight!!

Me & Capello Backstage

Me & Capello Backstage


I ate some dinner, the food was very good, again! Then I went to the theater.  I performed in both of the magic shows, and they went so well!! I had such a blast on stage!!  Capello talked to the audience about me being American!  They loved me and afterwards said what an expressive face I had!

I went to get the food from upstairs with Alex. Afterwards, I met Capello in crew bar for a celebratory Corona. Javier brought some peanuts, still in the shell, Leechie said, ‘how do you eat these?’ as she bit into the peanut, shell and all. I didn’t see it, but Capello told us about it and we could not stop laughing, I have not laughed that hard in ages!!

Javier had recorded some of the magic show, so I got to watch it! Then I buggered off to bed!

Wednesday October 2nd Messina, Italy

I got up early expecting to have the crew drill, but when I walked passed the information board, it said it was canceled. So I had coffee then we went out!

It was a beautiful day and a beautiful city. We walked about half an hour to the city center. There was a square of shops and restaurants. I bought some waterproof eyeliner, because during the shows I always have black running down my face, and it doesn’t look very cute at all.


We found a little café that had an outside wifi area in the square. So we sat and had a coffee while being asked for money by 3 different children.

As I was on skype, Javier buggered off somewhere and when he returned, he had bought me flowers!


We found Alex and made our way back to the ship. On the way back we stopped at a tiny place to eat some food, no tables or chairs, so we stood and ate a pizza sandwich! It was delicious!

We returned to the ship and I had to go straight to rehearsal. Then I went to the crew purser to see if I had to pay for my ticket home. She checked on the computer. It says they have me as disembarking on number 6th so I shouldn’t have to pay to go home!  What is number 6?

The show tonight was Mitos. The worst show in the world. Whoever choreographed it wanted dancers to work hard while the audience took a nap.

I changed and went to Formentera, it had been a long time since I heard Javier sing. He was very good and there were a lot of people there. Many sked me for pictures, I felt famous!

Afterwards, I ate fried chicken, this new chef is amazing! It is a new chef that’s why the food is so different!  Then I hung out for a  little. I went to Javier and Felipe’s cabin and they were sitting around the trashcan eating peanuts. So I joined them in the cutest night I’ve had in a long time.

Thursday October 3rd Valletta, Malta

Happy Birthday Ian!!

I arose from slumber at 830, ate some breakfast, then Ivan and I went out. Javier didn’t want to come. We walked around for ages. It was such a beautiful place.


So medieval and historic! It started out as a very hot day. Then it got cloudy and cool.

We saw so many tiny bed and breakfasts and hotels.


It was amazing!

I had a coffee and got online for a little bit. Then we stopped by a candy shop and I bought some British chocolates and things.

We had to be back on board at noon. So we headed back, on the way we bumped into Norbi and Bori and we walked with them. Once back on board we ate lunch. It was hotdogs. J

Pool party was at 1pm. It was very good! So many people wanted pictures with all of the dancers and animators. My face started to hurt from smiling so much!

I found Javier in the staff mess alone. He was eating Coffee Ice Cream, so of course I stole the bowl and ate it. Then we went with Felipe to have a coffee in Formentera. I had them make me an iced coffee. It was delicious!

I was able to take a 3 hour nap! I had to wait half an hour for Leechie to do whatever she was doing before taking a shower.  She takes ages to do one thing. She is away with the fairies.

I went up to Formentera to hang out for a bit. Then we went to Borcelino to hear Ivan play piano and Rocky sing (he is like a Michael Jackson).

The ship is moving a lot but I seem to be used to it now. It is also very hot outside but extremely cold inside everywhere.  Javier and I went to crew bar to have a beer before Carnival night. I wanted to be something other than my normal ‘cowgirl’ but I don’t have a costume for anything else.

I got ready and went up to the Piscina (pool) where there were a lot of people and some great costumes again! We danced, it was hot, and people took lots of pictures of me and with me. I met the new Captain, he looks like a soggy piece of bread!

A group of young passengers came up to me to say how beautiful I was, and they started off speaking in English! I am not sure how the knew that I don’t speak Spanish, but anyway! They were really sweet and they complimented me like crazy. One looks like a female Richy Brown…odd!

I went to deck 6 to see the moon and heard a grasshopper, it was chirpring so loudly but no one could find it! It was funny because everyone who came out was determined to be the one to find it, yet no one did.

Then as we were looking overboard, we saw a million bats!!! It was crazy!! But cool!!!

Friday October 4th Cagliari, Italy

I woke up at 945am in preparation for the Crew Drill. I went for coffee and everyone was there. We ate some breakfastey kind of things, croissants and pastries. Then we had our drill and had to ‘abandon ship’. And we actually did abandon the ship, onto the pier with our life vests on. They acted like it was a real emergency, so they threw a life-raft over the side of the ship and it inflated. Only half of the muster stations got to go inside the craft and come out again. My muster station wasn’t one, but I went anyway. I was at the back of the line and the Staff Captain said, ‘of course the American is the last one in the back of the line!’  I was called out as always, sticking out like a sore thumb!

Afterwards we went out. Javier had color so I went with Felipe, Anuska and Angel. We walked around for a bit then they did some shopping, which took forever. Finally we went to eat at a Tex-Mex restaurant., not as good as our Mexican food in Texas, but decent! Then we made our way back to the ship and made it, JUST BARELY, on time before getting ready to sail!

Javier and I went to have a coffee at the pool, and then we had a pool party, which was fun! After the pool party we had about an hour before needing to get ready for the shows. I didn’t want to sleep so I just hung out with Javier. Then I put my makeup on and went to eat. I only had a bit of melon sorbet and some veggie soup.

Tonight we hadn’t done a run or had any kind of rehearsal so I was a bit worried as to how the shows would go, but they were awesome!! Both of them went really well. I wonder if it was because I knew the passengers more this week because I had been upstairs and spoken to them more than the previous weeks?

Then it was White Party. I managed to take a shower and re-apply my makeup beforehand.  We went to the pool and it was very hot and the ground was very wet! But it was so much fun! I had more pictures taken; so many people came up to speak to me.

I realized why people knew to talk to me in English rather than Spanish, because during the magic show, Capello said how I was from Texas and didn’t speak English!  A British lady came up to me and was so happy to speak to me! Her husband was from Portugal. We spoke for quite a long time. Then we kept dancing until 130am. It was great!

Javier went to English class this morning so when we went to coffee time, he was telling us what he had learnt…verbs. It was adorable!

When I went back to my cabin, Alex called and asked if I wanted to go have a beer with her? I said, ‘like a date?’ and she said, ‘well…yes.’ So we went to have a beer with each other and everyone else.

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