News From Mistral October 22nd-23rd, Trapani & Napoli

Tuesday October 22nd Trapani, Italy

I had changed color yesterday at 9am. You have to do it 24 hours before we arrive in the port. I took it to Anuska’s office and she said Gustavo will handle it. WELL he didn’t. I tried to go out and ‘EEEEEEHHHHHH’. So I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out a way to get off the ship, I didn’t have anything specific to do, but I needed air…and freedom!

Finally I had the paper in my hand and it’s a dang good thing I am friends with Chiprean because he signed my paper and let me go out. I had to leave my nametag with security.

I met with Ivan, Javier had decided not to go out because he was tired. Ivan took me to a restaurant with really good free wifi, we met almost all of the crew there. I had pizza, which was very thick crusted, like a pizza hut pizza. I had myself a drink, because I only have magic shows tonight where I don’t need much of a brain to get cut in half!

We had gelato afterwards, I mixed Watermelon and Pistachio. The pistachio was amazing and creamy, and the watermelon was delicious and watery. They didn’t quite go together. Oh well!

Jose, one of the new acrobats, wanted to curl my hair for the show so I let him. It took about 30 mins. And I looked like Shirley temple. As soon as he left I tried to pat it down and pull it down because it looked so darn short. I ended up pinning the sides back so from the front it didn’t look like I had curls.  Sorry Jose!

The magic shows went all right, I don’t really enjoy them a whole lot. But anyway! Capello paid me, finally!



Then there was a Spanish party in the crew bar. It was packed! And everyone had fancy things in their hair and nice clothes on. Everyone, except me, was dancing. I looked, very clearly, like the only American white girl in the room.

Jav,Me,Felipe Spanish

Capello kept telling people that tomorrow is the north American party, Malia will be there on her own, and has to cook for 450 crew, hamburgers, hamburgers, hamburgers!  Haha, the crew normally helps the chef cook the food of their country and since I am the only America I would be on my own!

I tried to get up and dance, I did one movement with my hands, imitating the others, and poked myself in the eye. I sat back down.

I heard that Leechie was speaking badly about me. So this is an awesome atmosphere to be in. it wouldn’t bother me as much if we didn’t have to share a cabin. I cannot wait to get back to hanging out with people that I choose to hang out with. Being forced to see people everyday is torture.

Wednesday October 23rd Napoli, Italy

I woke up at 10am to go out. We had all day long! Not a thing to do except rehearsal at 7pm, but the ship was leaving at that time anyway.

Javier and I went straight out. We had a coffee and got Internet at the same place as a couple weeks ago. They remembered us. Then we were on a mission to find me the perfect pair of Italian boots. I kept going into shops saying, I’m not even sure what style I want, heel or no heel, black or brown, tall or short. Finally we went into one shop and Javier and I laid eyes on the same pair. I was in love! I tried them on and it was like a Cinderella moment, they fit perfectly and were so unbelievably soft and comfortable, not to mention the smell of new leather!


I forked over my money with ease, because I had made a decision to buy boots and gave myself a limit, which I stuck to.  They are my Pompeii Boots!

Afterwards I was happy! We could have gone anywhere and walked all day long, as long as I had my boots in my hand. We ended up meeting Alvero and the new dancers. We took them to the tiny pizza place we went to last time. It was just as delicious and cheap as before!

Then I had laid my eyes on a watch in a window. We went back to the shop but it was closed for siesta until 4. So we had a coffee during which Javier sent both of the waters flying across the table and onto the man at the next table!  Ooops!


We went back to the shop to get my watch; it is a Casio and stunning! Currently it is a bit big, he changed the size for me, but I was worried he was going to take too many out.

We made our way back to the ship, Javier filmed almost the whole way!

I put my boots on in the cabin and walked around the 4X4 foot space for 10 mins. Yep I am still in love.

Then I took a napptity nap. Afterwards, I got up and ate in the crew mess. Then we had rehearsals from 7-10. Which really, we just sat around and watched some videos.

I took a shower and went upstairs to Formentera. Alex and I had a good conversation, then I listened to Javier sing.

I danced in crew bar tonight with Javier. He made me get up and I agreed! There weren’t a whole lot of people in the crew bar so I wasn’t too embarrassed that I didn’t know how to dance salsa. But I was pretty darn good, but he’s amazing! I definitely did not look like dancing was my profession.  (That happened to Margot Fonteyn too, after she danced with someone he led her back to the table and said to his friends, ‘she’ll never make a dancer!’)  Then as soon as the salsa song finished, Claudio (fireman) asked me to dance with him. This song was ‘Bachata,’ 3 basic steps and one tap with a hip pop. The music sounds terrible, but the dancing is actually pretty cool! Needless to say, everyone was watching me, the ‘dancer’ dancing. Javier told me to ask Yoshi to dance, so I did and he was also very good. These darn Latinos with their natural rhythm. 

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