News From Mistral October 24th-25th, Civitavecchia & Cagliari

Thursday October 24th Civitavecchia, Italy


I was able to go out after the warm up, rehearsal and run. Javier and I went together, however the weather was nasty. It was raining, windy and cold. But we still had a good time. We sat in my usual café and had a coffee while on wifi. Then we moved to McDonalds, where we saw some other crew and found out we had to be on board within the hour. So we rushed our food and went back to the ship.

We had Hip Hot Cabaret. The first show was awful!! My balance was all off and my shoes were so slippery! It did not go well at all. The 2nd show however, was much, much better! Afterwards, we had Carnival. Again, I went as a cat, only because it’s super easy and I’m sick of being a cowgirl.  It was okay, but very hot!

Friday October 25th Cagliari, Italy

We had a warm up very early so afterwards I had time to pack up my magnets and shot glasses and piddle around. I ended up sleeping for an hour before I went to have a coffee and lunch with Javier.

We had our run at 1. It went really well. Then we had to go clean Radio Show in the conference room (they spell it Konference). We finished a bit early and I decided I would sleep instead of going out, because we were leaving port at 4pm anyway.

Both Radio Shows were awesome! I had so much energy and I felt so good about them! Afterwards, I took a shower and got ready for White Party. It wasn’t too bad, but it was hot and packed in the disco. After the party we went to crew bar where they were having a 90’s party. It was so much fun! The music was awesome!! Britney Spears, Spice Girls, Outkast.


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