News From Mistral, September 11th, Dover, England

Wednesday September 11th Dover, UK.

Remember all those who died 12 years ago…let light perpetual shine upon them.

I woke up at 730am to get ready to greet Mum and Dad onto the ship. I couldn’t look out of my porthole because they had closed it up again.  So I had to get up and dressed to go out on deck 6 to see if we had arrived in Dover yet. Uh oh, I couldn’t see any land around. I was worried we weren’t going to make it to Dover until really late, then I wouldn’t have time to show Mumsie and Popsicle around. I tried to eat some breakfast, all I managed was a piece of bread with jam. I went back to my cabin to wait until I saw on the TV that we were close. I wrote and finally I looked up from my computer and…



On the channel that has the view from the bow and aft of the ship, they play really tacky music. I turned to Manu when I heard one song, it was a Christmas song. We laughed so hard!

Half an hour later we stopped moving and I made my way up on deck with the hundreds of people eager to get off and go into London on their ‘excursion.’  I made my way past security, through the very long and curvy corridor off the ship that made me feel as though I was in an airport (of course England would have the longest and most annoying gangplank, nothing simple like STRAIGHT DOWN!!

I found Viv and L-ray. We hugged, obviously. I felt like a little kid again, when Paris and I would wait for Dad to come back from a trip and we would cry when we saw him again! Tears of joy of course.


We waited outside so that they would be able to meet all of my friends, who were headed out on a London Excursion. They all passed and said their “hello, hi, hey’s,” then we made our way onto the ship.

Mum and Dad had to turn in their passports at the entrance, they put the rolling suitcase on the X-Ray machine and the security guard (the nice one) leaned over to me and said, “that food in there needs to go into the staff mess.” We are technically not allowed any food whatsoever in our cabins. So…ooops. We made it through, Viv and Larry had on two visitor’s passes, and Mum’s kept falling off, so I had to help her snap then on to her jean’s pocket. What has she done without me?

We made our way down the stairs to my cabin. Luckily for them, it was a nice day of sewage slosh in all of the bathrooms, so it smelt heavenly. They were surprised at how small my cabin really is!

We dumped their things in my cabin leaving it looking like a pig sty, and went upstairs to Formentera to have a cappuccino. It was so nice to sit still, in the passenger area, with Mum and Dad. I then showed them around parts of the ship and we made our way to Staff Mess, because Mum was wasting away from hunger.

They met more of my friends and best of all:  They got to experience the cafeteria buffet that I endure twice every day. They seemed to enjoy it. Newbies!

I took them to meet the safety officers and trainers and showed them around the rest of the ship, I even took them to places I had never been before, and we all got lost together in a passenger cabin corridor.  It was definitely an adventure.  Mumsie really wanted to look inside a big cabin!

We made it downstairs in time for coffee time in the Staff mess.  We ate a bit of sweet bread and chatted, we were the only ones in there. We went back upstairs to have another cappuccino, it was even more delicious than the previous one. We sat and spoke for about an hour.

Before they left Mum did some work on my computer for me. She’s a wiz at this MacBook Pro 21st century stuff. The technology student has now become the teacher.

I opened my suitcase full of goodies, things were practically jumping out at me the case was so full. I emptied all of my things onto the bed and floor. Then I had to find places to hide everything! It was like Christmas in September.

I walked Mum and Dad off the ship we were stopped by security again and Mum had forgotten she had turned in her passport when she came onboard so she was searching her bag for 5 mins trying to find it. Then the guard handed it to her and we laughed…of course. I walked them to the end of the long terminal and we said a joyous (inside very tearful) goodbye.

As soon as I stepped foot back on the ship, everyone told me how beautiful and stunning Mum is and I said, “I know I know! Where do you think I get it from?”  Hehe  One guy came up to me and complimented pop’s hair, he was obsessed with it…maybe he’s the one doing my laundry!

I had a bit of an emotional next 2 hours before our show. I felt very sad to have had to say goodbye again. I just felt kind of blah. So I took a 20 min nap. I didn’t feel any better when I awoke. But I went to the show anyway, well, I had to!!

We hadn’t done a run for this show, which meant I was gonna definitely look like the new girl, and I did since I had forgotten the placements and some moves. It had been over a week since we last did Radio Show, that was my excuse!  Of course and as usual the 2nd show was 10,000 times better. I rocked it! I had such a good time on stage it made me feel so much better!

After the show, even though I didn’t feel emotional anymore, I did feel very ill. My whole body was aching and I was very hot but cold at the same time. I managed to make my way to the Staff Mess, only to find out that no one had brought the food that we get from the passenger buffet.  After 10 minutes of waiting Norbi and I decided to go get it ourselves. Thank goodness we did because the people who were supposed to bring it down, didn’t even know. I was about one bite away from finishing my meal when I randomly said, “ya know, I don’t even know what kind of meat this is, and I don’t really care, it is delicious!”  They all told me it was duck. It tasted just like chicken!  I used my new Sweet Chili sauce and Tabasco but everyone wanted to try it so I’m going to have to hide it better next time.

I am in the middle of putting myself to bed, no fun festivities for me tonight. I am absolutely knackered.  I have also now, re-hidden my food just in case we have a cabin inspection tomorrow. It’s an at sea day and Manu said since we haven’t had one in a long time, not while I’ve been on board, it’s a long time overdue so it’s very likely.

I am also supposed to teach an exercise class tomorrow morning, but I managed to persuade Leechy to do it for me. I think she secretly likes to teach class. So that’s good for me, more sleep!!!!

I had such an emotionally awesome day. I am so thankful for all the many blessings God has given me. I could not have asked for a better day, better family, better friends. Even though this life is very difficult, and I am realizing it is not for me, it is an experience and I will grow and learn from this. It’s difficult to stay positive and happy, but I am working my butt off to do so.


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